Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Photo Credit: The kind soul at the restaurant that took the picture
 that I then pilfered from Mom's Facebook
See that group of ladies?  They've been friends for over 20 years. I went to school with the children of a couple of them. I dated the son of another one. They are my Sainted Mother's friends.  They have been there with her through everything.  Her divorce.  Her Cancer.  My wedding. Becoming a Grandmother.  All of it.

See that lady in the pink shirt? The one on the left, front row...That's my Sainted Mother.  It's her birthday today.  I'm not going to tell you how old she is.  For two reasons....1. It's rude and 2. She might hurt me :) She's been there with me through everything.  My birth, my life, my wedding, becoming a mom. All of it. She's shown me the kind of person I want to be when I grow up.  The quiet strength.  The generous heart.  I owe so much of who I am (only the good stuff, mind you) to her. She is truly an AMAZING lady.  So....

Happy Birthday Mom.  I love you!


  1. Happy birthday to your mom, she is beautiful.
    How nice to have such a group of women friends for support, I bet they are a fun group!

  2. What a beautiful tribute! Happy Birthday to your mama!

  3. What a lovely picture and such lovely words. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Melissa's Mom!! Those were such nice words of tribute. What a lovely picture of this circle of friends!