Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday at Fincastles

I am so glad that it is Friday.  Tonight we are taking the kids downtown to eat at FincastlesFincastles is a dinner that has really great burgers, hot dogs and fries and, most importantly,  Jaybird, the singing waiter.  They have a free jukebox that has every song known to God and man in rock and roll history and then some. Anyway, Jaybird  knows all of them and sings them like no body's business.  My husband took the boys there during spring break.  He got a lot of chin music about not wanting to go to "some ol' diner."  Now they can't wait to go because that place is "cool." And on top of all that wonderfulness, it's Fincastles 5th anniversary, so a combo meal is $5.00.  Can't beat that.  Excuse me while I head off to be a pig.

Blog Life

As I sit here wishing I had some horsradish to go with my roast beast sandwich (roast beef for those non loving Dr. Suess people) I'm thinking about all the various blogs out there.  Obiviously, I'm new to this.  I have no followers....I'm boring...nobody loves me...everybody hates hoo. Seriously though, I find the whole thing very interesting. There are "normal" (and I cringe at that word) blogs, business blogs, family blogs, craft blogs, etc.  They are all so neat in their diversity. I've discovered that I've been living in a cave.  The ones that really crack me up are the "Blogs" that are actually advertisements for various products from weight loss to teeth whitening.  Really?  Do I appear so gullible that one would think that some mom "discovered" a way to whiter teeth when there are at least a dozen other moms that made this same discovery?  Of course, I really shouldn't get on my high horse because aren't all blogs a form of advertisement?  We are advertising ourselves.  Our market value is shown by how many followers we have and if we have paying advertisers.  I must learn how to sale myself better because, by my own definitions, I'll be out of business soon....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Week

It's only Tuesday and it's been a crazy week.  My mother had surgery yesterday on her ankle.  Four screws and one steel plate. I can't imagine how painful that's going to be when it starts healing.

My sister came home to help out.  I really do miss her.  I'm glad she's here, but I'm afraid that everything has been so busy that we haven't really been able to visit.

With my sister being home and everything that's been going on, it makes me miss life when things were simpler, the boys were younger, etc.   I miss when my boys thought I was the smartest, most incredible person in the world.  I miss their sweet hugs and kisses, because teenagers just don't hand those out. I miss snuggling in the bed while we read  books.  I miss watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.  I went to bed one night and woke up and now I have these amazing young men.  They are funny, bright, crazy smart and starting to spread their wings.  I don't think I'm going to be that good at pushing them out of the nest so they can fly, even though that's what all this has built up to.  I keep wanting to reach out and grab them and pull them back in. And, of course, any time I act like a "Mom" I get THAT look from my boys...the "Oh God Mom, REALLY?" look.  Yes, son, really.  I know that one day they'll understand, but then I'll be a grandmother and I'm not ready to think that far ahead.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crochet Crazy

I quit smoking almost two years ago.  I needed to find something to do with my hands. Something to keep them busy.  I make jewelry, but that isn't portable, so I needed to find something else.  I tried knitting...the two needles really discombobulated me.  Too much going on.  So my sister in law suggested that I try to learn how to crochet.  Little did she know that she was creating a monster.  I crochet all the time now.  I think it's more addictive than smoking.  I love creating things....I do however hate weaving in ends and blocking.  Two VERY necessary evils.  There is a great satisfaction with a finished product and I'm getting to the point that I'm pretty quick, depending on the project.....that's another problem....PROJECTS.  So many and so little time.  I have a list of things I want to make for my nieces, nephew (the baby), my mom, my sister, my sisters in law.....It goes on and on.

OMG! And NOBODY warned me about the yarn obsession this would create.  I can spend hours in a yarn store drolling over the alpacas, wools, bamboos.....So soft and then my mind starts racing with what I need to create. 

I've decided that I really should be rich because my job is interferring with my "hobby." where did I put those lottery tickets?