Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Alive!

Well, not really.  But it has grown an arm...sort of. Do you know how difficult it is to photograph a grey sweater? Not that this is the greatest picture. I'm about three quarters done with the first sleeve of my cardigan.  I feel like I'm at that point where I keep knitting around and around and it doesn't seem to be getting any longer. I'm beginning to think that knitting garments is not my strong suit...can you say no patience?

Not that I've been working on it religiously.  Most of the sleeve was done while sitting in the waiting room Sunday evening waiting on Car Guy to get checked out by the doctor. Please tell me how a 49 (almost 50) year old man manages to get a raging case of pink eye in BOTH eyes?  The kids didn't bring it home.  Nobody else has it.  Just him...and he was miserable all weekend.  He was like a vampire sitting in the dark because even the smallest bit of light hurt his eyes.  He was given some antibiotic ointment for this and is much better. Needless to say there has been a great deal of hand washing going on in our house.

I did complete one thing this weekend...actually three things.  I was sucked in and I finally read all three of the Hunger Games Series. I have to admit, it was a little more gritty than I expected.  Obviously, I enjoyed them because I started reading The Hunger Games Thursday evening and finished Mockingjay last night. Since I was relegated to the dark all weekend, I was able to read them all on my iPad without disturbing the pathetic old man that Car Guy became....OK, so I didn't read them all in one weekend, but close enough.  For some crazy reason the people in my house expected me to stop reading and fix them food....Excuse me?

Speaking of food....just another one of my clever little segues...I have been having this horrible craving for homemade potato chips. Don't they look terrible?  So easy and so bad.  Especially with a little garlic salt thrown on there.  I just had to put that out there so that everyone else will be craving them for the rest of the day with me because those bad boys on that plate are long gone...but they were so good.

OK.  I'm off to find a substitute for those chips - hopefully something a little healthier.  Dinner with the Biscuits tonight.  Should be fun. Have a good one!


  1. Love the sweater! I watch tv while doing boring knitting, it seems to go faster in my mind. I think we will be having home made french fries today...baked of course!

  2. Melissa, I really do wish we were neigbors! I love all things potato and homemade chip...Oh yes!
    I was so surprised that I like the Hunger Game Trilogy and read them all in a weekend too. Now I want to see the movie and I never want to go to the movies.
    I hope Car Guy is feeling better. Ouch, both eyes! I hope he was a better patient than my husband would have been. Mike's a baby, a big, whiny baby when he just has a cold!
    Something healthy? How about Kale Chips?

  3. I don't know what it is about sleeves; they do seem to take forever!

    I'm impatiently waiting for one of my kids to finish The Hunger Games so I can read it. Few things beat homemade potato chips.

  4. Yikes, hope Car Guy is feeling better soon. Loving your cardi, can't wait to see it on you :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog--sorry, I didn't have your email to answer your question. I'm going to crochet my blocks together for the afghan; I'm just hoping it doesn't take forever :-)

  6. Car Guy could have very well just picked it up at the grocery store touching a cart. That easy to get it. But... yuck! When I was a preschool teacher I'd get it every now and then. Not fun... and looks nasty!
    So glad I read the book before seeing the movie (HG's) because it was much better. Movie was great, don't get me wrong... but the books are always much better. You'll have to go see it!
    I made sweet potato chips Monday night on a whim. They were delicious!
    Lol @ the arm!! Looks so soft!!

  7. Wow.. lots going on there. Hope the sweater gets done soon so you can model it for us. :-) Poor Car Guy! I bet he starts carrying sanitizer around with him! Home made chips, have never made them but boy do those look good. Did you dip them in anything?
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Yeah, I hate it when my fam expects me to put my book down and prepare food. It stinks. Yes, I felt the same way about Hunger Games--very quick reads, very absorbing, super-gritty. It feels bad to say you loved a trilogy about kids killing each other, but I did.

    I'm so impressed with the sweater, I just can't tell you.

    And I do baked, thin wedges of potatoes that trick my kids and hubby into thinking they're fries. There is some oil involved, but much less than, say, Wendy's. ; )