Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ode to a Frying Pan...

First, please note the gratuitous butter shot....Alrighty then...on to more serious frying pan.  More specifically, my cast iron skillet.  How many of you out there use one of these bad boys?  Show of hands works nicely...thank you.  Mine was a wedding gift from my Sainted Mother along with my Deviled Egg Plate...two things every self respecting southern woman should own...but that's another post altogether.

I so totally love my skillet.  It usually resides on my stove top, just waiting for it's next job.  Once seasoned properly, it's the best "non-stick" skillet out there.  Everyone know what I mean by seasoned?  Well that's when you've cook enough food in it that it starts looking like that one up there. It will get this nice sheen to it.  Never...and I mean NEVER...put a cast iron skillet in the dishwasher. This can cause rust and basically ruin the pan.   I wash my in the sink with really hot water and scrubbing it with good old table salt. Then I immediately dry it off. And there it is...Ready to cook again.

Mmmm....see...nothing like a little fried goodness. Oh wait...Sorry that's another southern thing - We fry everything. However, you can stir fry in this bad boy and make great spaghetti sauce in it.  Frittatas fry/bake beautifully in them and breads, from Irish Brown to Cornbread, are heavenly when this skillet is used.  It's one of the best, even heat conductors out there and how many other skillets do you have that can actually be used on the stove top and in the oven without causing any damage to the skillet?

So I strongly suggest you give one of these a try.  You won't be sorry.....This concludes this public service what needs to be fried up today......


  1. I think I might be a little hungry after this post :)

  2. I have the exact same skillet in sitting on my stove! I think you really are one of my long lost sister :)!
    I have iron skillets in every size and really can't think of many days at least one hasn't be in use. I found a great 'huge' fish fryer for only $5.00! I ran as fast as I could to pay for that baby before they changed their mind! I'll take cast iron over other cookware any day!

  3. Raising hand over here, I actually have 5 cast iron skillets. I use them on the stove top and in the them. Can't imagine life without them :)

  4. What a neat post! I'm all for an all out assault on bringing back the cast iron skillet! There was just a big article in our newspaper about them and how to care for them. We have 3 smaller fry pans from Dayle's parents house when all the kids were going through taking what they wanted before it all went to an estate sale when they moved them into assisted living. I love that they are his parents and that they are all seasoned and smooth from their use. You made me realize that we don't have a bigger one, though. I will be on the lookout for one! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. My hand is down.... :(
    I'm the only woman alive without one!!
    First the dishwaher post... now this?!! Only kidding!
    I would love to have one. I have dreams of making my cornbread in one... just like Paula Dean does. And I've always wanted to try a Pineapple Upside Down cake in one. I'm off to start a Christmas list....
    (I do love my "seasoned" baking stones, though!)

  6. Being someone who likes to wash things til they shine, the whole "seasoning" thing boggles my mind - I have to really try hard NOT to wash my ceramic-type baking dishes. It just seems so wrong to me! But I'm terribly germaphobic.

  7. You're singin' to the choir! I love love love our cast iron!

  8. my cast iron is named Petunia. She is quite the worker, but just enjoyed a well seasoned oil bath in the oven the other day. :)

    and while I love my cast iron skillet, and I am forever committed to my cast iron dutch oven. The absolute LOVE of my life!