Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting There

Guess what came in the mail? That's my very own edition of Taproot!  I am slowly pouring of the pages trying to take in all the goodness it contains. It is truly a beautiful publication.  There are several pages that I want to frame and hang in my kitchen for inspiration. There is so much wonderfulness going on in between that I can't wait until this weekend, so I can find a quiet spot and soak it all in without interruption...who am I kidding?  OK, minimal interruption.

I don't know if the spring bug is biting anyone else, but my sinuses are telling me it's really here and I am anxious to get my garden planted.  This is my first garden (as an adult) and I'm really excited about it.  I've been picking the brain of a family friend who is an amazing gardener and my brain is over flowing with information and ideas.  I just have to wait until after Easter. We have a tendency to get a late frost around here and I don't want to move too quickly.

Speaking of moving quickly....Ha!  My sweater is not. I was able to bind off the body last night.  Now I just have to go round and round on the sleeves.... who's bright idea was it that this thing needed sleeves?  Oh yeah, me.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening. The girls are meeting at Annie's house for craft night instead of the normal knit/crochet evening at Panera's.  Who knows what we'll get into.  One of the girls is even bringing her sewing machine.  Annie has this AWESOME craft room and then there is Ratchet....he's such a sweet puppy and loves to share. What are looking forward to?


  1. Well, Taproot has made it to NC, maybe tomorrow those of us here in SC will get our copies! :)

    We have to have our garden in Before Easter here! I love all the different gardening myths that go around the world. You are going to enjoy it so much!

    Hooray for binding off the body of your sweater! Now get crankin' on those sleeves! :)

  2. Your sweater looks divine! Can't wait to see it done. I'm ready for Spring and I hear Robins outside but it's rainy and cold and dark here. Grrr. I want a group of women to do stuff with! How did you find them? I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow with my older sister at Red Lobster.. coconut shrimp! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Happy to hear you got your copy of Taproot, it still has not arrived up here in Canada yet, hoping it does soon....

    Your sweater looks lovely, looking forward to seeing it completed :)

    Have fun tomorrow night, sounds like a wonderful evening.

  4. For some reason sleeves do not bother me one bit. Just think when you get to the sleeves you are nearly done! Spring hit here because my nose is sneezing :D

  5. I've been enjoying my copy, too. In the scattering of quiet moments here and there.