Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stalker...Lurker...Lazy...Confession is Good for the Soul

Ahem...I have a confession.  It's rather embarrassing.  I'm a Ravelry stalker. AND...*deep cleansing sigh*....I'm a blog lurker.  Oh my.  That does feel a little better. Now let me explain...I hope.

I love Ravelry.  It's a major time suck in my life.  If I could step away from Ravelry (and Pinterst), I'd get a lot more done.  But there are so many beautiful things to look at! I mean I only have 970 favorites.  Everybody needs at least 500 favorites, right?  Well, here's the embarrassing part...I like to look at other people...and I don't necessarily friend you.  I'll look at your projects, your favorites, your queue...I might even look at your friends....all said while hanging my head in shame.  I tell myself that I do this for inspiration, but truth be told, I'm just plain nosy.

I'm also a lurker.  There are some blogs that I've been visiting for over a year that I'm just now starting to comment on....so if you wonder who this random person is that pops in and sounds like they know way too much about you....that would be me.  I know about your life because I've been poking my big ol' nose into it with every post.

It all sounds a little creepy doesn't it?  And that's the thing.  I don't comment and I don't friend because I don't want to be that creepy random person that just showed up....which is exactly what I've become...you know the one...."Who is this?" Yup...it's just little ol' me.  The crazy woman over there on blogger.  No biggie. I promise I won't show up at your house unless I'm invited....except for maybe yours Dawn...and Mel...and Anne :)

And finally, it was brought to my attention that I've been a bit lazy. No one actually pointed it out to me by telling me, but it was an event that led me to the realization.

You see, yesterday Kelly over at Who Matters was kind enough to award me with the Liebster Blog award....a very sweet thing to do.  Which reminded me that Anne over at Writing by Numbers awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award....back in March....over a month ago!  I had every intention of saying something, but things happened...time got away from me...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You get the picture. So here's the deal...I'm supposed to tell you seven things about me and I'm supposed to give these awards to other people. You already know three things about me...I'm a stalker, a lurker and I'm lazy...not a very flattering picture, but I'm just keeping it real. You'll get more about me in a minute.  Here's another lazy, keeping it real moment...Here is a list of the blogs I read on a regular basis.  I love them...I actually comment on some of them.  Rather than giving them an award, I'm telling you to go pop in and visit....say hi...learn something....leave a comment....give it a shot....it won't hurt...I promise....

And oh my dear, there are so many more!  Tons more!  This leads to learning something else about me....I spend way too much time on the Internet...I mean WAY TOO MUCH time.  But you will notice a recurring theme with these blogs....Women, Families, Yarn and Food...some very important things in my life.  OK, now onto other things about me.

 - I totally suck at this social networking thing that's going on online.  I have facebook, google+ and twitter and I very rarely tweet or update my statuses.  I think I have maybe 5 friends on google+.  I have plenty of friends on facebook and I kind of stalk people there too.  I check in and see what they are doing, check out their pics and every once in a while leave comment...but not often.  Update:  Just an FYI....If you stalk me on Ravelry, I'm just as bad at updating that as I am everything else...Sorry!  It's kind of boring!

- I want a farm....most of you who have been around for a while know this about me and know that I am totally coveting those farms of yours out there. I don't want anything huge, just a little sustainable farm. Something that makes me a producer of my own instead of a consumer of others....It's a dream.

- I wish I had been a "Stay at Home Mom."  There are times when the doubts creep in and I feel like I didn't do every thing I should have as a working mom.  And I feel like I let my boys down...and I did.  We all make mistakes and let each other down.  I just have to make sure I don't beat myself up over it...a lot easier said than done.

- I wanted more children....but I would have had to of been a "Stay at Home Mom" in order to do it properly...for me...no judgement here people!  I admire women who can do it all and I am woman enough to recognize that I can't. Back to the children thing...I did pregnancy really well and I love children and would have had more at least two more.  Things being what they are, I'm happy with my two and I spoil my 4 nieces and 3 nephews as often as I can...don't worry, I spoil mine too.

With everything I've just said about myself, I've realize that I'm a very old fashioned kind of gal. I'm good with that.  So there you go....I'm an old fashioned, lazy, lurking stalker....do they have a twelve step program for this?


  1. gosh, I had to giggle.....I've done the same kind of Ravelry stalking....sneaky aren't we??????

  2. ditto... I'm such a Ravelry stalker :)

  3. we are always looking out for just the right farm ;-)

    and i'm so glad you are commenting on my blog! i do lurk a wee bit on a few blogs but i do try to comment - i like the exchange and sense of community. thanks for including my blog in the list and for your sweet words today!

  4. on the social media stuff - i LOVE twitter, am on g+ but never do anything over there as it's a bit of a ghost town, am on the effbooks but rarely use it as i don't like their motives. and pinterest...love but deleted all my boards weeks ago and productivity shot up - GO FIGURE ;-)

  5. You are so funny Melissa! If we weren't so much alike I might be a little afraid! :) No really, I have blogs I lurk, but I didn't know about lurking on Ravelry..oh dear.
    I hope you are not too hard on yourself for working and not being a stay at home mom,...remember that saying "the grass is always greener on the other side"? ....it's true! One day I'll have to fill you in on some of it ok?

  6. Melissa.. you're a sweetheart. Thanks for including me in your list of blogs you enjoy. I was a SAHM until I got offered the job of Executive Director of a non-profit org.. but I insisted on only working 3/4 time.. 6 hours a day.. my youngest was in school when I started work. I also suffer from thinking I abandoned them for important parts of the afternoon... but then I earned my own money to take them to the beach and out to eat and things like that. Life is a balance.. you can spoil the grands some day. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Lol, Melissa - I lurk everywhere - even though I should be commenting on kind peoples blogs more often. Twitter is my current stalking ground - I go from tweet to tweet and can lose so much time. I worked full time when my elder daughter was small, part time when the other two came along and a sham only for the last 5 years. I have a great relationship with my grown up children, so don't fret xxx

  8. Okay, digging this post, thanks for coming clean :) I love Twitter, and am on Facebook, but not nearly as much as Twitter.

    I used to be a big lurker, but not so much now. I put myself out there, I enjoy the sense of community and sharing, and to be honest, I enjoy blogging so much more now that I have been doing that.

    Thanks so much for including me on your blog list, it is a wonderful list of bloggers to be included with, thank you.

  9. Thanks for the compliment and you are the perfect mother the way you did your job. Lurking is what I do best :) And ravelry is one of my biggest time waste managements.....and blogging, and twitter...Oh dear, I could go on!

  10. So glad you passed on some blog-loving! You've got a wonderful list there, much of which I enjoy, too. Gotta love the stalkers/lurkers.... we're all guilty at some point! ;) (Could be something worse!!)
    Your boys adore you... all three of them! ;)

  11. Melissa, First of all, please stop by our home any ol' time you want to!

    And as far as the working mom vs. stay-at-home mom guilt, I guess we all have it. I have been a SAHM and always wonder if I gave my kids the wrong idea about women not working, dads earning the money, etc. It's such a tough call. And I would have had more kids, too! They're such a gift.

    Love your blog!

  12. Ha! I'm a total blog lurker too. I can click over and read with one hand, but getting two hands free in order to type? Impossible.

    It sounds like we have very similar dreams. My yearning for a farm (or "Barnheart" as Jenna at Cold Antler Farm calls it) is one of the things that totally sucked me into the blog world.

    Thanks for the shout out! I really enjoy your blog as well. You have a great sense of humor. ;)

  13. Thanks for commenting on my blog.. I am fairly shy and am learning to step out and comment on blogs, beacuse I know how much it means to me when you and others "talk" to me :)

  14. Melissa, I think you already know how awesome I think you are. There are so many great nuggets in this post! ;0

    First of all, I'm always getting on my family members for being lurkers! LOL! It drives me nuts! I threatened to block them if they didn't start commenting! Ha! Ha! ;0 But I do love your honesty, and the fact that you not only take the time to come over to Sofia's Ideas, but that you comment, and contribute such great posts to {Magic of the Mundane} week after week. Reading your words always add a little something to my day!

    Here's my social media confession :: I wish I could do without all of it! I wish I could just write and people would magically find my silly little blog in the world wide web. And I wish my family & friends would interact with me OFF of facebook! But neither of those things is realistic. With that said, I am not "on" Twitter but keep my account linked to my Sofia's Ideas fb page, but that page is pretty pathetic and I do keep saying I'm going to get rid of it. I honestly don't know what I'm waiting for. Google+, I LOVE!!! I just have to get people to tell me who they are so that I can Circle the *real* people back. Its difficult to figure out when I only know blogger's first names. Hmph.

    I love finding more stuff we have in common, because you know I do not knit or crochet or sew very well either. But, I do covet farms like you do, and I am also a lot more old-fashioned than I care to admit out loud! ;0

    Congratulations on winning both awards, Melissa. You totally deserve them and I am celebrating in your excitement! xoxo