Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mailbox Love

A little while back, my blog buddy Steph had a little drawing to celebrate a year of blogging...and lo and behold I won.  Now most of you don't know this, but I have the crappiest luck and typically don't win anything...so this uses up my quota for the next ten years or so.
So here is what I found in my mailbox...there is definitely something great about getting something so pretty in the mail!  You unwrap that pretty up there and this is what was inside...

Look at all that good stuff!  Everything was in the orange knot bag.  Don't you love the fabric? It has the Lorax from Dr. Seuss, and several other Seuss characters, on it and they are knitting. So cute and the perfect project bag for perhaps a pair of socks or a scarf!  (Yes, I know.  I could have taken a better picture of it.) There were some mints (Lobster Tin) that went straight into my purse.  A bath cube that went straight into my basket by the tub. Some beautiful stitch markers, a lavender sachet, some cute magnets (Hello! Already on the fridge!).  I know I'm probably forgetting something because I'm such a scatterbrain, but it was just full of wonderfulness!  The timing of it's arrival was perfect. It was the best "cheer me up" after sending Number One Son off to college and Car Guy to Santiago, Chile.  So thanks so much Steph!!  By the way,  I would have taken Ted E. Bear too (wink, wink).

It's just me and Number Two Son and the house is Q U I E T. We've gone out for sushi, watched some movies and ushered in his junior year of high school.  He's taking good care of me and making sure I get a few laughs in there.

I have a reveal for you tomorrow...a finished project.  Can you believe it? And the start of another. Have a good one!


  1. I'm glad your highschooler is there with you. Sounds like you two are enjoying yourselves. Congrats on winning the prize! I'm thinking it's time for me to do a giveaway. I'm thinking a pair of earrings, a crocheted heart and a watercolor card.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. How wonderful that you won the giveaway Melissa. My home is quiet too with just me and the 15 year old most of the time so know that you're not alone. I just know that in the future you and I are going to get together and then it Won't be quiet! Take care my friend.

  3. Yeah! So glad you won. Just what you needed to make you smile a bit. Hope son #2 continues to take good care of you.

  4. Glad you won! I think it's perfect that you received a little package to make your heavy heart lighter :)

  5. Wow! I have horrible "winning" luck, too! Congrats on breaking the cycle. ; ) Sounds like the package came at just the right moment; thank goodness for pick-me-ups like that one. Enjoy!

    Can't wait to see your finished project.

  6. Oh, what fun stuff! I go through "winning spurts" every few years where I win a few giveaways...funny but true.