Monday, August 20, 2012

He's In College Now

I have to say, everything went beautifully last week moving Number One Son into the dorm.  We drove down Wednesday night, stayed in a hotel and then moved him in Thursday morning. We were done by lunch. Compared to a lot of people, my dear boy was a light packer - thank you! He's on the third floor, so we were able to use the stairs and had everything in the room in two trips!

That building in the center is his dorm. 
There is his desk and bed.  So....institutional.  
Nothing like cinder block walls and linoleum to make you feel at home.
So much has changed since I was in college.  There is A/C in every room and a refrigerator and microwave. We didn't have A/C in the dorm I was in and microwaves were forbidden...the wiring was so old in my dorm it probably would have fried the whole building.
 Thank goodness he's a boy.  He only gets one of those wardrobes for his clothes...that and one of the little three drawer dressers. Not nearly enough room for a girl - boy did they have a lot of stuff! He lives in a coed dorm with split halls.  Down one end of the hall is the girls and the other end is the boys with the stairs and elevator in the middle.  When I was in college, they had just started coed dorms on my campus and it was girls on one floor and boys on another and after a particular hour, the two did not mix.
That building up there is where he will be getting most of his meals now.  
He hasn't complained about the food yet, so it must not be all bad.

I've tried to respect his privacy with this post since he is moving into a more adult world, I think it's only fair that I not post his personal space.  That's why there are no pictures of his room put together or of his room mate, etc. I've had a few text conversations with him and had my first phone conversation with this morning. He appears to be adjusting beautifully.  Mama is getting there slowly.  The house is very quiet.  

On top of Number One Son leaving, Car Guy will be gone for the next two weeks on business. He will come home for two days and then has to leave again.  Thank goodness I still have Number Two Son around.  He's been very sweet. We have a sushi date Tuesday evening and he and his friends have been hanging around our house. I love having them there. Even when they get a little loud, it's wonderful.

I also have plans to do things with my girlfriends.  There is girls' night Wednesday and *gasp* I may go to the gym on Thursday...not that I'm a member...yet.  We'll see.  Everything is happening one day at a time.

Thank you again for all your love and support, kind words and for just being there.  I really can't tell you how much that means to me.  I never have to look far to know that someone is offering a smile and virtual hug. It's a very special thing that means the world to me. It has made this adjustment so much easier!


  1. So much happening for you all at once...sounds like you have some great people around you for support.

    And of course a virtual hug is being sent your way. Hang in there!

  2. Wow you just made me realize that my son packs too much :) Glad to know the move went well and he is adjusting to life on campus. You sound great I hope you enjoy your new phase of motherhood with your first child, I sure do!

  3. So glad it went smoothly! I know you're struggling with letting go, but you are doing great! Always remember that I'm right around the corner if you need anything.

  4. Oh what a transition! Sounds like you are handling it quite well...I'm already breaking into cold sweats over it (and my oldest is only 9)!!

  5. So glad to hear the adjustmet (for all) is going well!!! When my daughter went to college, she chose one very far from home. We took her (and all that STUFF you were talking about), and as we were leaving....she teared up, I teared up----and I spent the next 13 hours in the car pretty much crying the whole time. When we got home (pre-cell phone days), hubby said I really would be making this much worse by calling--give her time to adjust (no call from her), so I pretty much cried the next two days, just knowing how miserable she was..... I finally called. Yeah, you guessed it----we weren't even in the car to head home before she had met a couple girls on the hall and life was perfect and she was totally happy and loving everything about it. (A lot of wasted tears on my part!)
    Knowing your kids are happy is really all that matters.

  6. Except for the distance, I could have written Steph's post! I cried for days and still do when one of my babies leaves home.
    I am glad you have plans to keep busy and number two son is still around. I have always liked when the kid's hang out at my home too, yes it's loud,but they really are a lot of fun.

  7. Melissa, you are doing great to talk about it and share your feelings with us -- I remember taking my daughter to college and helping her set up her dorm room and trying to give the institutional room some character. Then she went to a sorority rush event and we watched from the edge of the edge of the commons.. I was living through her experiences as I had not been encouraged to go to college, nor supported to do so - so I was so happy to see her get to have the experiences that I did not have. Our middle son had no interest in college, but got a good job right after graduating high school. Our youngest got a scholarship to the Univ of Tennessee at Martin and drove there and back in his old VW bus. What a kid! Just keep in touch with him and it will all be okay. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. You are doing great! Before you know you will have adjusted to this "new" normal.