Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

Life as you know it is about to change. This won't be the last time, but this is the first significant change that is leading you to adulthood. You will learn and see so much. It is the beginning of the rest of your life.

I really wish I had some great wisdom to impart to you. I hope this little bit will help.

You will meet some amazing and not so amazing people. Friendships will be made and lost. Hold on to the people that enrich your life and let go of the ones that try to tear it down.

Money will be tight. Know that you will become rich with experience and knowledge. No one can take those away from you. LEARN!

Try to pause and enjoy all that is around you. You will miss it later in life...the freedom, excitement, wonder. You will experience them again, but never in the same way.

There will be disappointment. Take what you can from it, but don't let it or hatred rule you. Let go of the negative things because they will only slow you down and make you bitter.

Above all else, know that I love you. You have brought so much joy and wonder to my life.  You leave me in awe and humble me. I know that I was not the perfect mother and I've probably let you down. Please never doubt what you mean to me. I would move heaven and earth for you if you need me to do so.

Please enjoy what life has to offer you, be safe and know that you ALWAYS have a place with me.



  1. Oh Melissa this is just beautiful. I've been thinking of you this week. I hope your heavy heart gets lighter every passing day (and that he calls/texts/emails you enough)

  2. What a beautiful and soul touching letter for your son to carry in his heart Melissa. I too have been thinking of you and all the changes that are happening in your life. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers, especially tomorrow! Much love to you.

  3. Sniff. All I could think was 'slow down!' and my baby boy is only 19 months. I know I'm going to be there all too soon. Best of luck to you and your son on this new journey.

  4. What a great gift for him to carry on his journey. Thank you for sharing with us too!

  5. Oh, mama, these are such true words!

  6. Wow, what a lovely letter to your son. Tears are flowing here.

    Hope your son enjoys the journey he is on...the world is waiting for him.

  7. What a beautiful letter. What a gorgeous mum you are! Jacinta

  8. Melissa -- He will cherish that letter forever. Your "season" in life is a good reminder to me to enjoy every little moment.

  9. Okay, I'm starting to tear up right now...

  10. Ahhhhhh (wiping tears)!!!!! So sweet. You should be so proud. This is a very touching post. I hope all is going well in College World.