Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Better Late Than Never

OK, so I'm a little behind today.  It was one of those days...I haven't even read your blogs yet!  I am so behind!  I'm off to do that after I do a really quick post here. I promised a completed project, so here you go....the obligatory bathroom shot...because seriously, what blog is complete without one.  I've managed to get this far without one, so it's about time...I've even thrown in a kitty for good measure....
Isn't he a cute adoring kitty?  You gotta love some Oreo!

And if that wasn't enough, here is  Number Two Son making his mama laugh....
Complete with cheesy grin!

So there it is...the amazing herringbone poncho...just in time for fall!

This thing took fooooreverrr! But it is so worth it!  That cotton yarn is so wonderfully soft and I know that it is going to be amazing this fall....can you say warm?!?  I made a hat to go with's around here somewhere, but said boy up there and his buddy had a great time wearing it and being silly, so if it's gone for a bit, I'm good with that.

This week has been a bit quiet around here.  One son at college and one Car Guy in Santiago, Chile, leaves one boy and one Mama.  We've had a great time....watching movies together, eating sushi....he has taken good care of his mama.  I thought I'd leave you with the view that Car Guy has had to deal with.  He sent this picture to's the view from his hotel's a rough life he lives....
Those are the Andes Mountains back there. He says that they are truly awe inspiring.  I'll have more Car Guy pictures later.  He comes home Friday and I can't wait...after 22 years, I'm big enough to admit that I missed the old guy. 

So that's my quick post.  I'm off to see what everyone has been up to. Hope you are all having a wonderful week!


  1. What a glamour girl you are! Very pretty! Your wrap is just yummy, on you AND your son! What did Car Guy go to Chile for? Lucky him!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. lovely! aren't you glad it is off the needles? Love how willing your son was to model. I bet it feels weird having a half empty house.

  3. You couldn't have timed it better Melissa with cooler weather headed our way [my fingers are crossed anyway]. It came out super and I love seeing your young model, our babies are the best aren't they? I'm so sorry your car guy has it so tough, it's a shame to have to stay in such a place with that view ;). Are they hiring?

  4. Hi, Oreo!!! Got your mama smiling!! Wrap really is gorgeous!!! (on both of you); and a hat to match---an ensemble. Looking forward to more Chile pics.

  5. I love it!!!! The color is so rich, and wraps are so wonderful. You will look gorgeous wearing it all over town. (Careful with red wine anywhere nearby. ; ) Glad you had fun but still look forward to Car Guy's return...

  6. Love the wrap. I can't wait to see it in person! And the pic of your son with it on is hysterical. (Did he know you were putting it on the interwebs for all the world to see??? LOL!)

  7. Oh my, I love the poncho, and it looks lovely on you. Perfect for the fall weather that is on it's way.

  8. Beautiful poncho! And you've got me I have a bathroom shot on my blog? I'll have to make sure I do...or get one!

  9. the poncho came out great! and what a stunning lady wearing it... are you sure you are a mother of a college aged child!?? :)