Monday, February 6, 2012

Does This Happen To You?

So, I've been diligently knitting on a towel for a couple of weeks now and it is going soooo  s   l   o  w.  Argh!  Why is that?  I so want to finish it, but it just doesn't seem to be moving?  I feel like I'm going to be eternally stuck at 12.5 inches on this thing.  At first, I was so excited.  I was learning something new and it's such a pretty pattern.  My first lament was "Am I was ever going to be able to memorize the stitch pattern?" (Answer - No) Now I'm just trying to finish it.

Well, I finally got disgusted with it this past weekend.  We were sitting in yet another wrestling tournament (Number One Son came in fourth!!) and I was still knitting this darn towel.  I was so bored - *yawn* This particular tournament was fairly well organized (SHOCKER!) and we were done at a reasonable time.  I believe we were home by around 4:00 pm....Total shocker. And I pulled out the towel and I know I looked at it with total dread - insert heavy sigh here. That's when I decided I needed a respite from it. Don't worry, I'll finish it because it's important to me, but I just won't finish it right now.

So what did I do, you ask?  (This is so bad)  I started something else. I didn't pick up my incarceration socks and complete them....or any other item that I should be completing -  like hemming a friend's curtains that I've had for a month.  Noooooo.....I went through my stash and found a pretty gray yarn and decided to start a sweater...the Lady know, because I have nothing better to do.

Why did I do this?!?!  Has this ever happened to you? Any great insight would be greatly appreciated because I'm feeling a little sheepish...kind of like when you're eating a cookie and you haven't finished yet and you catch yourself reaching for another....Oh.  You don't do that?  Never mind.


  1. When I first learned to knit [ two years ago this coming May] I only had one project on the needles at all times and wondered why anyone would want I know! I have three things going right now, a sweater, a hat and a sock. I am about to finish the hat only because I really want to cast on the cutest beret! I really think it just has something to do with knitting that makes us want to keep casting on. Have you ever read the Yarn Harlot? She calls it Startitis!

  2. Well, I don't knit, but I can certainly relate as I have projects in different stages of completion all over the place!

  3. no, no. I am the queen of unfinished knitting projects because I get board with the pattern, the yarn, the color, whatever. It's a horrible disease, isn't it?

    ...but on the positive side, it's a lovely break. :)