Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cross your fingers....

Tomorrow is finally my day in court for my traffic violation from 2009.  I'm sure I'll have to pay a heavy fine, but otherwise should be just fine. I seriously doubt that I'll have to do any hard jail time and might get off with time served....Ha Ha. I probably won't get to check out everyone's {this moment} posts until this weekend, but I will get there :) Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and I'll keep you posted!


  1. The swift hands of justice?
    Good luck tomorrow and have a lovely weekend.

  2. Just let me know if you need busted out of the slammer and I'll get the gang together and we'll ride in on our hosses and pull the bars out of your cell and you can ride off in the sunset with us. :-)

  3. I thought you were going to write a kinky post with the cuffs :) I have missed three posts from you!!!!!! I was a bit of a hippy girl too with long hair almost to my butt and loved my jeans and hippy skirts etc......and I wore make-up too, yep prob vain and I didn't care. I still eat good fresh fruit and veg and eat mainly chicken. Your farm vists sound great, I had an aunty and uncle on a farm and would stay with them occasionally and would ride the horse and feed the chickens and I loved that old home, except the bitchy little dog who was a crabby old thing, she bit me on the face once :(
    Good luck with the court day/
    xx Sandi

  4. Doesn't it take a ridiculously long amount of time for this stuff to be over & done with? My husband had a ticket for something and it was always court date after court date just to let him know when the next court date would be. They just kept postponing it... for years! Such a waste. *smh*

    I hope you are done with it now and that it went well.