Monday, February 20, 2012

{Magic of the Mundane}

Today, I am joining Sofia over at Sofia's Ideas for Magic of the Mundane. I so love this idea because it totally falls in line with my desire to get back to simple. It can be a picture, a poem or song, a short video or anything else that celebrates the Magic. So often, we get caught up in "where we're going" that we forget to look at the beauty of "where we are."

My messy kitchen...this is something that happens on a regular basis as I do cook for my family quite a bit.  As with most mama's this is one of the most important thought out processes I go through.  Yesterday I made a huge pot of chili and let it simmer most of the day until is was perfect.  Usually when I look at the mess I create, I heave the deep sigh and dig in to clean it up.  But yesterday was a little different.  I had all my men home (husband and sons) safe and sound and enjoying the chili and being together. No one rushed off to be anywhere because of the not so mundane...

Snow!  Finally, after months of watching everyone else get snow, we got some too.  Last year by this time, we'd had 9 inches.  Now that's not the norm around here, but not getting any snow at all until the middle of February is not the norm either.
So today, I'm celebrating the mess that comes from this. The mess of making chili...the chopped onions, peppers, garlic, etc that somehow end up on the floor and countertops instead of in the pot (I'm a messy chef).  The mess of the dirty dishes from several bowls of chili eaten during the day that can make it to the sink, but not the dishwasher that is less that a foot away (Hello?!?!).  The mess of the wet patches of floor from frozen shoes thawing out. The mess that is life that we so take for granted.  There are some tough times in life, like Saturday, and some wonderful, beautiful time, like yesterday.  Celebrate the mess that is your life because there is beauty in the chaos.


  1. Those messes do need to be celebrated. They show that we have more going on in our lives than just cleaning.

    I had a "magically mundane" moment involving snow as well!

    Thank you for sharing your "messy" kitchen with us. I can almost smell the chili

  2. Celebrating the mess! Love it! I get so bogged down by the messes, especially a messy kitchen, as I do a lot of cooking as well. "There is beauty in the chaos." Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. (Hello?!?!) LOL! I was cracking up because I so understand that! That is why I refuse to be in charge of dishes anymore! ;0

    And I seriously think we are linked somehow because last week, I was going to post about breakfast, this week I was going to post about the dirty bathtub! Dang! lol

    And I also have the same stove. Ha!

    "The mess that is life that we so take for granted." My favorite line...
    Thank you for participating in {Magic of the Mundane}...

  4. I'm a mess. I have piles and yarn and briefcases and papers and stuff.. but oh well.. I'm not perfect. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)