Friday, September 9, 2011

Naughty, Naughty!

Hello all!  I'm afraid I was naughty last month. And no one noticed - whew! I went the whole month and didn't do a Show and Tell/Pay if Forward post?!?!  Shame! I'm going to chalk it up to August being crazy busy and claim vacation.  So for September's Show and Tell......drum roll please......Soule Mama.
Amanda Soule's books available at

I don't know if any of you are familiar with her, but her name is Amanda Blake Soule.  She's an author (three books shown above), a blogger, a homemaker and a Momma...of five, no less. The thing I love about her is that everything she does, her blog and books, are centered around her family.  It's so obvious that they are her priority.

I've written and rewritten this post several times because I have some very strong opinions about motherhood.  It's one of the most important jobs a woman can have and it's something that all of us moms should do with pride.  I went off on several tangents about how society doesn't respect this job as they should (looking down said noses at stay at home moms) and decided that this post was not the place to get on my soapbox. I'll save that for a later date.  Let's just say that Amanda takes great pride in motherhood and being a homemaker extraordinaire. She's the kind of wife/mother I strive to be and wish that I had the time and energy to juggle the necessary job and motherhood without feeling like I'm falling on my face half the time. She reminds me very much of my Sainted Mother and that is a HUGE compliment.  I grew up with clothing sewn by my mother, hand packed lunches, help with homework, a smiling face in the stands/audience at every event and hugs and kisses always at the ready. That is the kind of mom Amanda comes across as.

Amanda has wonderful posts about knitting, sewing, cooking, canning and general homemaking. She suggests great references from books to blogs. She's a good read for those of us who appreciate the finer feminine skills of motherhood, so pop over some time and check her out.

Legal Jargon - Disclaimer - the pictures above are from  They are copyrighted material.  They are solely the work of Amanda Blake Soule and are her property.  I am not claiming them as my own in any way, shape or form cause I ain't no thief.  Also, Amanda does not know me and this is not a paid endorsement. I'm just sharing the love.  Does that take care of all the legal stuff? Thank you for your time!


  1. I will have to check out her blog.

  2. I sure wish I'd had a good mom. Mine was working, absent, left my dad when I was 12, worked swing shift and I had to take care of myself and my 10 yr old sister all by myself. I have to force myself to try to remember something good about how she mothered me. I wish all kids had good moms. ::sigh:: I really really tried to improve my mothering skills over what I learned from my own. Let's hope that women try to improve from their own experiences.