Wednesday, September 14, 2011

80's Flashback

So I decided that I'd lighten the mood after yesterday's somber post.  As most of you know, My Boys are in High School.  Well, Homecoming is this Friday so they have had various events to celebrate spirit week.  So far there has been "Red, White & Blue Day" & "Camo Day." But I think today's is my fav..."80's Workout Day." Check these out...

Oh, the short shorts, headbands, muscle shirts...go ahead and laugh...I am...I'm cringing at the same time, because I remember all this :) 

Denise, this is my Wednesday WIP post just for you cause those boys are definitely WIPs!

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  1. Tell the boys that we got a big kick out of their outfits! I read your 9/11 post and it hit home. My daughter got to Ohio okay and she's so happy to have gotten out of Oregon. ::sigh::

    Hugs, Teresa