Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Beautiful Yarn...

Today you get a treat.  A post of mostly pictures...with little running commentary from me.  Because I've been asked, here are pictures of the yarn I purchased over the weekend.  I am now officially broke.

First, my Malabrigo ....Gorgeous! 
Cannot stress how much I love, Love, LOVE this yarn.
 I really just want to crawl into this stuff.
 Silvers, purples and greens. Yummy!

Now the JoJoLand Fantasia
 Love the colorway.  It makes me think of a box of crayons.

The next three are some of my bargain bin yarns. 
Not really sure what they are other than pretty.

Here's the sock yarn.  Pretty greens and purples.

This is a worsted weight with blues and emerald greens that bleed together.  
It doesn't show well in the photos but it is subtly gorgeous.

 I'm not sure if this one if lace or fingering weight yarn.  
I'll have to measure the WPIs, but it is so soft!

These last two are some more bargain yarns.  
They are both merino superwash and the colors are so bright.

So there you have it.  The beautiful yarn that is now happily sitting in my stash. I've been trolling Ravelry, and I'm sure to come up with some wonderful patterns. Until then, they will sit quietly, waiting and periodically getting checked on to see if they have any ideas of what they want to be.  Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed purchasing them. seems that all the green left my wallet and now resides in my yarn! Have a wonderful afternoon!


  1. Oh.... yum. I need to get some stuff made with my mountain of yarn before I buy anymore. Right? :-D
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Ok...yarn envy......nothing else to say :)
    xx Sandi