Friday, January 21, 2011


So it's 10:30 on a Friday night and I don't have my pictures ready for you.

Here's why....I'm lazy...Ha Ha...not. The Boys have a wrestling tournament tomorrow and our school is hosting it. As the hosts, we have to provide a hospitality room with meals for the referees and visiting coaches. This means that I have made a HUGE pot of Chili for the crock pot and just finished frying bacon and scrambling eggs that will go into biscuits tomorrow. Don't worry, I won't be serving my traditional "hockey pucks." I was smart and bought a mix that I've used before and haven't messed up yet. Those will be baked in the morning and have to be at the school at 6:45 am. UGH!

So I'm sitting here looking at the complete wreck my kitchen is and having a glass of wine when I should be cleaning everything up and going to bed.

I also just found out that a friend's fiancee was just in a motorcycle accident and was airlifted to a major hospital. Please send thoughts, prayers, well wishes, healing vibes or anything else this way that you think might be helpful. It's greatly appreciated. I'll touch base tomorrow and will hopefully be able to post pictures tomorrow evening.

I must go, the mess and then my bed awaits...Anyone want to come help clean? I pay with food and wine. I'll try not to snore too loudly...sigh. Oh well, it was worth a shot.


  1. I remember when the kids were in school and there were always snacks to bring and drinks for the soccer games. Gads I'm glad my kids are grown and I'm retired! LOL

    Hugs, Teresa

  2. Sending positive thoughts for your friend.

    I don't envy you the cooking and clean up, early rising. So glad mine are grown.

    Good luck to your sons on their match tomorrow.

  3. Positive thoughts winging their way over to your friend.
    That glass of wine almost tempted me to come help!!
    x Sandi

  4. Aww i can only imagine the unsettling time it must be right now, sending hug's to you all, xxxx now look regarding the mishaps in the ktchen don't worry the magic fairies will be in whilst your'e sleeping!! or is that another wishful dream haha xx take care my lovely xxx

  5. Hello Lovely!
    I think wine was deinitely needed to make the cleanup more manageable! It's amazing how funny doing dishes can be after a couple of glasses! you are soooooooooooo organised doing all of that cooking and being there at that time of the morning! i hope you had a fun fun day.
    As for your friend, many blessings to him and everyone he touched XXXXX