Tuesday, January 18, 2011


OH!  I feel a gushing moment coming on!  I'm so flattered! Denise over at Knitting Kitties just awarded me the Stylish Blogger award - in a totally random way that suits me just fine....TaDa!
 So now I have to tell you seven things about me that you don't know......Hmmm....

1.) I have an older sister that is a make up artist in LA.  My family calls her Ni because Number One Son called her that as a toddler and she is totally cool.  She gets to meet famous people and make them gorgeous.  I live vicariously through her when I feel like my "Mommy" life is a little dull. She's worked on several well known movies and television shows and my one brush with fame is due to her work...that's a story for another time.
2.) I HATE housework. I think it's because it's never done.  Once you finish, you turn around and there is more to do - like laundry.  Fortunately for me, Car Guy cleans or we'd be in a world of hurt.
3.) When I was younger, I wanted to become a Cordon Bleu Chef.....I wanted to go to Paris and learn how to make all that delicious froufrou food that has tons of butter in it.  I LOVE food of all kinds.
4.)  I'm a frustrated musician.  Like all good southern girls, I took piano lessons growing up.  I took for 10 years and was quite good, but I'm an acrobat of the key board and am just shy of being tone deaf.  Playing by ear is out for me and I can't write music to save my life....OK.  I could write some music to try and save my life.  It would just be really BAD music.....It would probably end my life.....Dogs would be crying....
5.) Speaking of crying dogs, I can't sing.  I try on a regular basis and I'm terrible.  Silly me keeps trying and my family keeps asking me to stop.....such love! There is no karaoke in my future, no matter how much alcohol is poured down my gullet.
6.) I love to read...everything.  Suspense, romance, historical, factual, fictional.  I love that you can take a trip and not leave the house.
7.) I have an unhealthy obsession with the store Anthropologie....Oh wait, you know that...hmmm.......just one more thing.....Oh, the pressure.......I know!  I can make glass beads...with a torch and glass rods.  I love doing it, but I have to do it in Car Guy's garage...which currently has a Porsche 914 in it with the transmission being replaced. Lot's of car parts all over the place, so there's no room for a crazy woman and her torch :) Time permitting, I'd like to get back to making them.  It's a very therapeutic hobby.

Now I'm supposed to name fifteen blogs that deserve this award.......talk about pressure!  There are so many out there and as I go peak at them, I see that so many of them have already won this award, so I'm going to be lazy and only name a few.....let's see......here they are, in no particular order (I'm using my deep, important announcer voice now)......

Erica - Crochet by Day - She uses lots of pretty colors. Her latest project is mind boggling.
Teddy and Bunny -  Lots of great old photos, vintage items and a wonderful sense of humor.
Amanda - Manda's Challenge - She makes some of the most beautiful squares for SIBOL.
Sandi - Sandiart - Sandi knits and is just learning how to crochet (quite well, I might add) and makes beautiful paper crafts.

Well, that's all for now.  I've got lots of paper work waiting on me...Such a glamorous life!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. I love the new picture at the top of your blog. I did a paint by number similar to that when I was a teenager.

    Nice to learn some things about you.

    BTW, I can't sing either. I made my 5th grade music teacher wince when I tried out for choir. To punish the cats, I pick them up sit in the rocking chair and sing Rock A Bye Kitty.

  2. Love the new photo too.. wow.. I loved learning more about you too, that's what's great about these awards although they are a lot of work! :-)

    I actually can sing and was the State Chorus Director for the Oregon Daughters of the American Revolution for 2 years.. :-)))))

    I taught myself how to play the piano but then my mom told me I can't seem to get through a song without a mistake so I quit trying. Shouldn't have let her de-rail me, huh?

    Hugs, teresa

  3. OOOOOh, thank you, I will have to put my thinking cap on. Loved learning a little more about you too :)
    x Sandi