Thursday, January 20, 2011

Family Resemblances

Just a little something that I think is cool.  This is a picture of my maternal grandmother.  The genes run strong in our family because if you look at this picture of her and then look at this picture of her daughter....
 And then look at this picture....
You can definitely see a family resemblance...between all the women....No way am I insinuating that my Sainted Mother or Grandmother resemble Car Guy and his goatee....Oh dear! He is rather cute though....Back to the topic at hand.  I think it's the smile.  What do you think?

***Just a little FYI - I have a couple of FO's and an update that I'll try to post tomorrow.  The Boys have wrestling matches tonight, tomorrow night AND a tournament Saturday.  Busy, busy, busy!***


  1. That's what I thought! My poor mother couldn't deny me if she had to!

  2. Wow, what great pictures! yes, you all do look so luch alike, and you are all gorgeous!
    I love seeing pics of my grandmothers when they were young, everyone from that era looks beautiful in pictures, I think it's the black and white photographs and the romanticness of the era!
    Looking forward to seeing your FOs!

  3. Oh! You are so sweet! Thanks. I love old photos too. I'm looking for another (that's around the house somewhere) that is just amazing of my paternal grandparents. It is so romantic that I keep threatening to turn it over to the greeting card companies.

  4. Fun to see the photos of your mom, grandmother and YOU! Car guy is pretty cute too! :-)