Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I don't feel. Thanks Mom!

When I was little and wasn't feeling well, I'd say to my sainted Mother "I don't feel, Mommy."  I guess I didn't know that I was supposed to tell her that I didn't feel good.  But Mom always knew if I said I didn't feel, that I was getting sick. It's funny how these odd little things carry through life.  I am now 42 years old.  I am the mother of two and wife of one, but here's how the phone conversation went Saturday:

Mom: "Hey Honey, how do you feel?"
Me: "I don't"
Mom: "Do you need anything?"

See?!  Sainted Mother.  I am old enough to take care of myself and I have a husband that can help.  I have two strapping teenage boys that can help too.  But one phone call from my mom when I'm feeling poorly and I revert back to that little girl with the pouty lip sticking out, telling her Mommy she doesn't feel and she's asking me if I need anything.  Here's how the conversation went Sunday evening:

Mom: "Hey Honey, how do you feel?"
Me: "I feel"
Mom: "Well that's better.  Do you need anything?"

Again, she picked up on the dynamic of the conversation and that I feel.  I might feel like crap, but I feel, which means that I will eventually be back amongst the living. And I am.  Sort of.  I'm going to work and taking care of my sick son and hopefully working towards being a "Sainted Mom."

Here we are.  She's the beautiful woman on the right.  She's amazing, so I have a lot to live up to. She's gone through hell (three time cancer survivor) and NEVER cried in front of me or my sister about it.  She thought it was very important that we never think she was defeated by anything.  She told us "I have cancer, it DOESN'T have me."  Then she promptly kicked cancer's butt.  She's my biggest fan.  I know this because she's told and she's always there cheering me on.  I am lucky to say that my Mom is my best friend and mean it.  Thanks Mom!

Now I'm off to make ginger tea for my sick one.  He doesn't feel.  Poor thing.


  1. Oh you are a lucky girl to have a mumma like that, mine was (and still is) the opposite. Oh to have a mum who cares. Still I learnt to be a loving and caring mum to my kids and that is all that matters.
    Hope you and your son feel lots better real soon.

  2. Thanks Sandi. I am truly blessed. I know that your children and grandchildren think you are awesome. I just have to read your blog and know that you are. It overflows with love for them all.

  3. What a great post! Your mum is a living legend and how great that you have such a close relationship!
    Have a great week and feel even more soon!

  4. Thanks Alice! I am much better and hope to play catch up this evening.