Friday, September 3, 2010

Holiday Week-End

This Monday is Labor Day, so we have off from work and the banks and government offices will be closed.  The boys will be out of school, even thought they've only been back in for a week and a half.  I don't know what the week-end will bring, but I'm pretty sure that Car Guy and I will be running all over the place and I won't be around the computer, so I thought I'd leave you with something pretty to look at over the week-end.
This beautiful kitty is Smokey, my other fat, happy and superior cat. He and Oreo helped me lick my wounds when the bunny tried to kill me - I am truly a lucky human to have two beautiful cats that allow me to share their house....even though they don't make the payments.

Have a wonderful week-end!  I'm sure I'll have lots to "talk" about on Monday.

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