Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homeland Security

Well it appears that we have been under siege.  Thank goodness for my brave guard panther!
There was a stranger at the door yesterday morning.

He tried the cute approach...rolling around in front of the door.

Then he came up to the door to introduce himself.

Please let me in!  It's cold out here....if I hit the glass hard enough, will it open?

Or maybe if I ask nicely?  Hello there, please my I come in?

He was a thief, I tell you! He would have stolen my food....used my box (eww!) and then he would have taken my spot in front of the window. No sir! Not going to happen! It's bad enough that I have to share all that stuff with him. Sniff. This is my house and I will defend it!  Now how about a treat, since I did such a good job? Please?


  1. what a cutie your cat is!

  2. Oh, your poor kitty, having that intruder up there taunting him! Cute story. We have a neighbor cat that roams about our farm yard and our dog goes ballistic! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Cute! And that is probably EXACTLY what he was thinking too!

  4. That is a precious photo! So full of personality! Happy Friday, Melissa!

  5. I don't know..........are you totally convinced that was a stranger....sometimes our kitties have whole other lives we're not aware of. Just sayin! ;-)

  6. much better 'watch' critter than my dog!!! good job. hope you got your treat!

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    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at

  8. He, he, he, that gave me a good laugh. What a great cat you have. I can certainly see who thinks they run the show! Jacinta