Thursday, February 7, 2013

And Then Some

First off - I can't begin to tell you how much you all have touched me.  I knew you were a generous group, but seriously, I'm overwhelmed.  The emails, Rav messages - You've made my day....and then some. I hate to rush time, but I cannot wait to present these promised hats to Fru.  I feel like the heart grew three sizes today!  I humbly thank you.

Now onto our regularly scheduled programming.....

Things have been pretty busy. Car Guy as been in Vegas all week for work.  At least he says it's work....

What do you think?
It's a good thing I'm not a jealous woman.

I have a couple of things on needles.  Only I haven't taken pictures of them yet, so I'll just tell you about them.

The first item is Tudor Grace.  I'm doing it in a the lace weight Miss Babs Yet and in the Primrose colorway...Love this stuff! It's a dream to work with. Since I'm using a lighter yarn, I've increased the number of repeats from four across to ten.  I think this is going to be a WIP for a while. It's an easy lace, but I'm moving really slow.  Oh wait.  I lied.  I found a picture on my phone...tada...

The other item I'm working on is the Summer Flies Shawl. For this one I'm using Interlacements Seeds in the Chairman of the Board colorway.  I really don't have pictures of this one....I just checked.  I got this yarn at my LYS.  I went in there for a set of needles and came out with this as well...she says while hanging her head in shame for lack of will power.  You'll understand when you see it. Gorgeous blues and greens and coppers. I will warn that this is an interesting, loose spun yarn and splits rather easily.  That can be frustrating at times.

Of course I don't have pictures of any of this on Ravelry because I'm a slacker.  I know.  My sister has already fussed at me about this.  I'll get better.  One day.  Maybe....Nah.

Oh!  I've been spinning as well.  Nothing terribly exciting, just some undyed wool. Once it's done and plied, I thought I might try a little Kool Aide experimentation.  We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Any who....I'm off tomorrow to get Number One Son and bring him home to get a new retainer. Ugh.  A six hour trip there and back for a retainer he lost after only having it for 3 months!  I told him if he lost this one I was taking it out of his hide....and his bank account.  Yikes! He'll be with us until Sunday when I get to do the drive again....Oh Anne...are you around on Sunday?  Wanna do lunch?  Ha!

I'll try to do the "This Moment" tour, but it might not be until Saturday.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and again, I give you my heartfelt thanks!


  1. You are SUCH a good mom!! I bet you'll enjoy having him home, though. I wish I could have my daughter to myself for a weekend. ::sigh:: I've been so darn busy this week that I missed your last post.. will have to read it when I'm not dashing off to a meeting. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. hmmm... not sure about your hubby working.. looks like a hard job ;) my parents also threatened my little sister with the "lose this retainer and you pay for it" so we will see!

  3. Lots of excitement and goodness in your post. Your hubby's job looks really tough :) Enjoy having your son home.

  4. Have fun with your son!! Lovely lace knitting and can't wait to see the other not photoed knitting :)

  5. Um, yes to lunch!!! You can always call--I'm just off the highway, hello! ; )

    Darn retainers. I remember those days.