Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...and Yarn Stuff

First of all - Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope your hearts are full of love and joy today! And every day, for that matter.

As are the pictures of the other items on my needles.  This is the Summer Flies shawl.  I'm actually almost done with it.  I'm on the last section of ruffle.  I tried taking several pictures of it, but because the yarn is dark, it's not really photographing well.  Maybe after it's blocked, it will show up better. The yarn is a mixture of blue, green and a brownish copper.
I wish my photography skills were a little better because this does not show off the gorgeous stitches. Ugh.  This is a bit disappointing.  Anyway, I'll probably finish it this weekend.  I have it on temporary hold so that I can do some knitting for a friend.
Fellow Biscuit Nicole has a friend with a grandmother that just found out she's has leukemia.  She has to start chemo immediately and was told she'd lose her hair rapidly, so we are quickly making happy, colorful hats to keep her head warm.  This is some stash yarn I had leftover from Christmas elving.  It's from Hobby Lobby and is a soft chenille.  I thought it's be nice and soft on her head.  I know from my sainted mother's experiences with chemo that your head can actually hurt terribly when your hair starts falling out, so the softer, the better.

I've been doing a little shopping and purchased this book.  I have to say that I think I actually love every single pattern in it.  Seriously, every last one.  Here are a few...

This one...oh my goodness.  This makes me want to spin a lot of gorgeous wool because I think it would be so beautiful in some natural handspun...I have to have goals, right?

So, I've found that traditional winter hats (called toboggans here in the South) don't look so great on me, but for this hat, I'd give it another shot. Aren't those leaves amazing?

And I think I might be in love with this one.  That motif in the center is just wow. 

These are just three of the patterns. Click the link and you can see the others on Ravelry. There are 25 in all and there seriously isn't a bad one in the bunch.

Of course, you were all right.  The picture yesterday is of hand carders. I bought some wool at SAFF this past October and hadn't done anything with it because it seriously needed some carding. Also, I'm going to my first shearing this weekend, so I think they will come in handy.  I'm looking for some wool for that first sweater up if I could just get better at plying.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's!


  1. Those are gorgeous knit projects.. you'd have to be a very good knitter to do those.. like you! I look forward to seeing what you make from the book! Enjoy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh what beautiful knits, I love that hat. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I am drooling, really, over your yarn, it is stunning Melissa.
    How fun to go to a shearing, I am so envious. I think you should wear a hat when you go. I wear hats all the time whether they look good on me or not I like them.
    Hope your Valentine's Day has been great!

  4. First off, I love the colors in your Summer Flies shawl!!!! And the leaves in that hat are amazing! All of those patterns are gorgeous and how fun is a shearing! I've never been to one so looking forward to some photos! :-)

  5. Wow, I love the rich colors in the Summer Flies shawl! And those leaves in the hat will look just wonderful.

    Mostly, though, I'm thinking how sweet you are to knit for your friend's grandmother. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  6. Love your projects and how kind to quickly knit up many colorful hats for your friend! She will treasure them I'm sure.

  7. you've got some great things ready to come off those needles....since I'm behind, they are probably already FOs!!! YES.

    And I'm also loving that book.....get my mojo back and I'm all over every new pattern that strikes my fancy!!!!