Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time Flies

Hello dear friends!  Sorry I've been away so long.  Life has been keeping me VERY busy.  Have you ever noticed that when you take one day off from work, it takes a whole week to catch up? Craziness.  So I finally start getting caught up and we had to take Number One Son to ECU for college orientation. Car Guy picks him up tonight.  I haven't heard a peep out of him, so he must either be really busy or having a great time....or both. I'll give a full report after he gets home and fills me in.

The girls trip to the beach was AWESOME!  We had the best time.  There is nothing like a weekend with good friends, great food and wine, and relaxation. If you ever make it to this neck of the woods and get to the North Carolina Coast, I strongly recommend that you go to the beautiful little historic town of Southport. Once there, you must eat at two Restaurants - Ports of Call and The Pharmacy. Both of these restaurants serve amazing food, have lovely atmospheres and superb service.
This picture from Friday's Moment was taken at Ports of Call.
Here are a couple of pictures from The Pharmacy:
I commonly refer to these lovely ladies as "The Amys"
Sue and Araceli
The Pharmacy is actually in an old pharmacy and is very charming.  I'm no food critic, but I do love good food and both restaurants provided just that. Both have food for the land lover and amazing fresh caught sea food.  I promise that you will be happy eating at either one.  Neither restaurant is cheap, but I do feel that it was well worth it. I wish I had taken pictures of the food, but quite honestly, it didn't stay on my plate long enough....fresh caught wahoo, pan seared with sesame seeds and served with a ginger glaze....yum! I showed great restraint and manners by not licking my plate....my mother would be so proud!

We stayed on Oak Island at my grandparent's beach house and if we weren't on the beach, we were sitting right here:
I spent most of my childhood beach visits in this house and I love being able to share it with friends. It's a wonderful thing to be able to continue the tradition of good friends and laughter. I know that my grandparents would be pleased that we are enjoying ourselves in the wonderful home they provided for us. We will definitely be going back. 
Alas, there will be no bathing beauty photos....some things are best left at the beach...like my lily white bathing body.  Why is it that tan fat looks so much better than mayonnaise white fat? I do know that Sports Illustrated won't be calling me to be their cover model...oh well.  Maybe next year - HA!

Speaking of bodies....Ladies, if you are needing a little beefcake in your life - and who doesn't - I strongly recommend that you go see Magic Mike.  Talk about YUM!  I went last night with a group of ladies....by group I mean we took up a complete row in the theater.  I was actually kind of surprised by the movie.  I openly admit that I went to see hot rippled abs - what can I say, it's a weakness I have.  But there was a story line and a resolution and once I quit drooling wiping my chin, I actually enjoyed it.  I'm not saying this is an Academy Award caliber flick, but it wasn't just a beefcake flick.  I will say that if your are the least bit umm.....shall we say reserved, then you probably don't need to go. Ahem...there are some graphic scenes not designed for the faint of heart...she says winking.

Well I'm off to see what everyone is up to.  I promise I'll be back soon, but probably not tomorrow.  Happy 4th everyone!

Update: I am sad to say that Andy Griffith, North Carolina Icon, passed away this morning.  He was a true gentleman and benefactor to our state and more personally, my sister, who had the pleasure of working on Matlock with him.  He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.


  1. Looks like a great weekend Melissa. Time spent with friends in such a lovely place must be wonderful.

    Thanks for the critique on the movie, not sure if I will see it, have not been a to a movie theatre for a long time...but you never know.

    And sorry to hear about Andy Griffith's, he will be remembered by many.

  2. My oldest son called me this morning to tell me about Andy as he knew I was a fan. He will be missed.
    I know what you mean Melissa, everything looks better tan and I look forward to it every year. I know it's no longer 'correct' to tan, but by golly I live on a coastal island and I'm tannin'!
    Ahhh, Magic Mike....I haven't seen it, but my nineteen year old and his girl friend did....guess what new job my son now wants? I sit here shaking my head because I know he could really do it, but that's MY SON!
    Have a great 4th and I know you'll be happy to have your baby home.

  3. Southport looks and sounds beautiful. So glad you had a great time away with your girlfriends! I'm still jealous.

    Haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm sure it was a perfect pick for your group to go see. :)

    Happy 4th to you and your family, Melissa.

  4. Looks like a fun time! I'm good... we are good. Just busy enjoying the summer days. Blogging seems to be the thing that keeps getting left till last (or not at all).

  5. I always feel like I gain ten pounds when my tan fades; I always thought it was just me! Really wish that picture included me, too!!!! A near miss!!!!!!!

  6. I'm sad about Andy Griffith--totally part of my childhood--and also ready to see Magic Mike. My girlfriend and I have it on our weekend radar.

    Glad to hear you had a great time at the beach. Can't wait to hear about college orientation!

  7. We vacation with our family at Ocean Isle Beach each year (and 2X this year!!) NC is where I'd move (from WV) if I could take everyone with me! Mt Airy is our half-way mark from home to home-away-from-home. So we will sure be thinking about Andy Griffith on our trip down the end of August.

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    2. Oh wow! Oak Isalnd is 16 miles (some sites say 30?) from OIB Whatever--just up the coast from OIB!

  8. So glad you're taking the time to have so much fun! You had me laughing with the movie bit...