Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fourth!

OK, so I know I'm a day late, but it's the thought that counts....Right?!?!  On a real quick note...I've been asked and I have to tell everyone that the foot is doing MUCH better.  I'm in a smaller brace that I don't have to sleep in..YEA!!! and was told that I can even start weaning myself off of it. It's more of an annoyance now.  It feels so close to being healed, but I can't do things that I used to take for moving quickly.  But the Doc says that it's healing beautifully. Thank you all so much for your concern and well wishes!

Number One Son finding his way around campus
Orientation... What can I say about that...hmm...Number One Son had a blast. I think I received maybe two texts and no phone calls the whole time he was there.  And one of those texts was to let me know what time he needed to be picked up. He met his roommate, whom he'd been chatting with on line and made some new friends.  He loves the campus and thinks he will enjoy his classes.  He's pretty excited and looking forward to August. All this information was gathered in a conversation we had Monday evening when he got he was packing to leave again.  Yesterday morning we took him to the airport and loaded him on a plane bound for Tulsa, OK to spend the week with his aunt and uncle and four adorable little cousins. As he was packing, he admitted that he was more excited about going to Tulsa than he was about going to Orientation.  That did this mama's heart some good.  He's getting ready to leave the nest, but he does understand the importance of family. *Sigh* Maybe he won't forget his mama. I know he'll be kept busy, so I probably won't hear anything from him until it's time to come home.  But my sister-in-law promised to send photos, so I'll try to share as I receive them. In the mean time, I get the next week to spoil Number Two Son....hmmm....what to do....

As you can see, I've been doing a lot of running around, getting nothing accomplished.  Once Number One Son gets home, we'll have a week of down time and then we will be heading for the beach for a week with Car Guy's family....16 of us in one house....Craziness, but we love it.  Hopefully I'll get some knitting/crocheting done while there and have something to show you.

Hope you all had a great 4th!


  1. i can only imagine how hard it is to have them leaving home but it sounds like you've raised a great one, priorities in place and putting family first!

  2. He is going to love his first year and so you will you, I promise. I've seen such maturity in my son after his first year. It is bittersweet though isn't it?

  3. This time of your life is going to be hard and different and wonderful and exciting.. I know you'll roll with it the best way possible. I will never forget our daughters first year at college - I'm glad she was only 2 hours away. I'm glad your foot is better! We finally have summer here.. yahoo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'm glad your foot is getting better. I'm sure it's hard to let your boy go. I can't even bear to think about that yet...of course, mine's only five...

  5. So glad to hear your foot is getting better.

    I really am not looking forward to these moments of boys leaving home, it is a long way off for me, but if it goes as fast as these first few years have gone...yikes!!!

    Love it that he is more excited about going to visit family, awesome!

  6. Hooray for healing bones. My son is now out of his boot and very happy too.
    Wanted to let you now that your son isn't going to forget his mama! These boy's may not call as often as we would like, but they will call...we raised them right!
    A house filled to the brim with loving family sounds like a blast, have a great time.

  7. ALMOST empty's what we bring them into the world to do (but it's so hard!!!)

    i'm jealous.....beaching again. can I come, too??????

  8. He will never forget his mama, your relationship will take on a whole new level as he matures as a man. So glad your foot is coming along, be a good girl and you will be back to normal soon enough.
    xx sandi

  9. oh mama, how could he forget you?!
    I bet amazing and beautiful projects and relationships are all ready to spring up with the new space and time you'll have with number one son off in school.