Friday, April 1, 2011

One Row Left!!!

Yea!  It's Friday!  I don't know about the rest of you, but this has been a long week. And dreary!  Ugh!  We've needed the rain, but I'm over it!

Before I get to my fuzzy stars, I want to say "Happy Birthday" to a few of my blog friends.  Teresa, Sandi and Alice are, or have turned, a year old.  This made me look back to see how long I've been blogging and I found out that I've been throwing my "random thoughts" out into the blogosphere for a year as well.  My first post was March 31, 2010.  I can't believe how fast the year has gone by.  So thank you everyone for sharing it with me.   I am honored and blessed to have spent the last year getting to know you all. You have enriched my life immensely.

How do you like that cake?  It's actually a picture of the cake that was made for my 40th birthday - He He!  Notice the black decorations?  I doctored the photo to make the candle a 1 (one). Makes me think I need to find better things to do with my time!

Now on to fuzzy stars! Just a few photos to show the progress....

Three rows done!  Yea! One more row to go and then I'll have to weave in all those ends. UGH! This is going to be a tedious task. There will be sixty stars in total with two ends to weave in per star.  I sort of worked the starting end into the center ring while I was going along, so they won't take as long. I hope.

Here is a close up of one of the colorways.  As I mentioned previously, this is a gift for someone and I know that this will be her favorite colorway. I thought about doing it in this one only, but decided to add the other colorway so that the wrap/scarf will go with EVERYTHING in her wardrobe.

This is my favorite as I have a tendency towards warmer colors.  All in all, I think it's turning out quite lovely.  I'm getting to the point where I'm wanting to be done.  Do you know what I mean?  When you get so close to the end, but you're just not quite there and start getting impatient?  That's where I am with this project.  So close, but not quite there. I think I will be able to finish it this week-end except possibly for the blocking.  Car Guy has a family adventure planned, so this will give me time in the car to work on it.

Because of various things going on this weekend, I'll have April's (already ?!?)  Pay It Forward the first of next week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end and gets to enjoy beautiful weather.  North Carolina will be sunny, windy and cool (around 60 degrees F).  Not quite spring, but getting closer! Soon, Car Guy and I will be going around, the car that is...not way...not EVEN going there....Cheers!


  1. Dear Melissa, thanks so much for the blogaversary mention! Congrats to you too! I'm so glad I started this and have made friends with you and others. It's been a joy.

    Hugs and love your stars!! Teresa

  2. Ha, topless why ever not :) I wouldn't either.
    Your wrap is so beautiful, must be a joy to work, especially for a friend too.
    Oh Happy Birthday to you too, funny how we found each other and we are such young blogs, kismet. I think that is the correct saying, gosh I hope so anyway, hate to be suggesting something naughty!!
    Have a great family adventure.
    x Sandi

  3. Hey Melissa! Time sure does fly when your having fun!
    Happy Birthday!!xxxx
    Love the stars!
    Please drop by for an award!