Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April's Show and Tell and Why I Hate My Weather Radio

It' so lovely to be getting back into the groove of routine.  I'm finding the older I get, the more I like it.  Does that make me boring??  Never mind, don't answer that.

The blog I'd like to recommend for April's Show and Tell (Pay it Forward) is Jackie at Dog-Daisy Chains.  Some of you may already be acquainted with her blog as she has over 600 followers, but I bet that's not a true representation and she has a lot of regular visitors.
Does this look familiar?  It's her banner. I absolutely LOVE her use of color and texture. There is an incredible flow to what she produces and her embroidery is exquisite. There is so much to love....If you'd like to look at some of her artwork - cause that's what it is, you can find her on Flicker and she also has an Etsy store.  Please take a moment to be awed. I definitely was.

Legal Jargon - Disclaimer - the picture above is a copy of the banner of Jackie's Blog.  It is solely her artwork, her photography and her property.  I am not claiming them as mine in any way, shape or form cause I ain't no thief.  Also, Jackie doesn't know me from Adam's house cat so this is not a paid endorsement.  Does that take care of all the legal stuff? Thank you for your time!

Have you ever seen one of these before? It's a weather radio. Now, for those of who don't live the Southern Area of the United States, you may not be aware of the crazy weather we get in the spring.  According to the weather men, there are lots of changes in the temperature and atmospheric pressure.  All I know is that it gets REALLY dark and Mother Nature decides to put on this amazing show of lights, sounds, water, and sometimes windThis is not normally a big deal, but sometimes it can get a little hairy.

Picture if you will, a fairly normal Monday evening.  Everyone is tired, as they usually are after a long day.  And since this wasn't a particularly good Monday (not terrible, just not good) everyone is looking forward to the comfort of their beds and a good night's sleep.  All is quiet and well with the world.  It starts raining, then there is some lightening and a little wind. Just as that lovely deep sleep is getting ready to take over the body and releave it of the day's stress - WOOWAAA!  The piercing sound of a siren breaks through the rhythm of the rain. Trying to turn off the alarm clock doesn't make it stop.  It only gets louder and then this strange male voice that is vaguely familiar, but not one normally heard in the bedroom, finally penetrates the fog of the sleeping brain....."This is a warning from the National Weather Service....Severe Thunderstorms and Tornado Watches have been issued for the following  areas.....Seek shelter in a basement or other safe structure.  If you are in a mobile home seek immediate shelter....." Holy Toledo! It's the weather radio letting us know that all hell is about to break loose.  It's amazing that I didn't pee in my bed last night.  The weather radio is a wonderful device and I do recommend them as they have been known to help save lives.  But I'm just wondering how many heart attacks and soiled bed linens they've caused as well.   We slept in the basement for a little bit and then went back to bed.  Just as I was falling back to sleep....WOOOWAA!  Argh! Not again?!?! It finally stopped.  I'm not sure what time.  I just know that when my alarm clock (battery operated, thank you) went off this morning, I was not ready to get up.  Then we had to get ready with no power.  Has anyone ever tried to put makeup on in the semi darkness of dawn?  Not the easiest thing to do. It looks a little wonky.  Fortunately, I wasn't the only one with a wonky face and tired eyes at work today.  I hope to get better sleep tonight....please.

After work, I get to spend time with my "yarn friends."  I'm really looking forward to seeing these lovely ladies and learning more about them and the craft we all love. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and gets to do something fun with yarn  :)


  1. Oh my goodness!..what a terrible time you've had! I don't have one of those radio's which I guess means I don't need one..THANK GOODNESS! I hope you get some much needed sleep tonight. I'm sure your "craft night" will certainly help..I love those, which reminds me my group is due to meet. Will work on that tomorrow..have a happy and SAFE night :)xxx

  2. Have fun this evening.. my best friend from 7th grade is arriving soon and I plan to crochet flowers while we chat. I'm off to check out that blog you recommend!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, I know the weather radio is there to help, but!!!!! I had my own almost sleepless night on Tuesday night, wanted to get to bed early for once, tangled a hank of yarn so of course I had to untangle it, then when I finally got to bed, my son had fallen asleep with his music on and all I could hear was the boom, boom of the bass, I didn't know how to turn it off, so stuck a pillow over my head with my arm jammed over the top. Crappy sleep, the alarm went off at 6.10am......NOT happy.
    Thank goodness for craft nights and good friends.
    x Sandi

  4. You are furthest thing from boring in my book! :-)

  5. Crochet with RaymondApril 11, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    Hello Melissa!!!
    What a pain that weather radio is! THeres nothing like being woken from a deep lovely sleep to a loud noise, you poor thing!

    I agree with you, dog daisy chains is loverley, I went there after you sent me there last time and she is soooooo talented!
    One of my faves right now is http://slugsontherefridgerator.com I think i spelt refridgerator right, you might need to google it, theres something about her gorgeous photography and wonderful style of writing, plus her beautiful children that makes me want to *gasp* have children, it's frightening! I think you'll love her too!
    Have a lovely week!