Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mini Vacation

Hello Everyone!  I decided to take a little mini vacation from the computer.  I spend so much time on one at work, I decided that I wouldn't get on over the past weekend. So if I haven't stopped by to catch up, I'm getting there.  It's amazing how much we rely on computers for information and entertainment.  I had over 99 Facebook requests and 172 emails - Yikes!

Do you like the new banner picture?  Those beautiful horses belong to my friend Renee (Hi!)  Since I was off work yesterday, I went to her farm to visit.  Renee and I've known each other since we were three years old....in other words, a really long time.  It truly is wonderful to spend time with her because we can talk about everything and we don't have to explain ourselves.  We just know.  I understand how her thought process works and God help her, she understand mine.  Not to mention, she's just fun to be around.  I always have the best time. This was a special trip though.  I went to see Renee's new babies....of the four legged assortment.  Get ready, because these pictures are just too cute, even if I do say so myself.  Trust me, it wasn't the photographer - it was the subject matter.

See what I mean?  Isn't she adorable? If I remember correctly, this little beauty is just over a month old.

She's quite the poser!  Her name is Khloe.

This sleeping beauty is Sienna.  She was 3 weeks premature & is only a few weeks old.

Here she is with both her mommies.

It was such a relaxing day and I must be honest when I say that I'm envious of the farm.  I really think I was meant to live on a farm. So if there's anyone out there that wants to invest in a farm, let me know because I need a backer - Ha Ha!  I told Car Guy that I wanted to be an alpaca farmer.  Then I saw how expensive alpacas are - Holy Cow!

Since I started this post with pictures of babies, I think I'll end it with pictures of babies.  Below are pictures of some kittens that a co-worker is taking care of.
Again, just adorable! I want to take them all home.  However, since I think Oreo and Smokey might get a little upset, so I won't.  

Well, I hope you've enjoyed a blog of cuteness! It's just a little something to make everyone smile in the middle of the week. Have a good one!


  1. Two of my most fav animals. I always wanted a horse "It can live in the shed" I would beg my mother and father, I used to muck out stables so I could have a little ride for free. And I have grown up with kitties. Lovely photo's and I think I was meant to live on a farm too, I spent a lot of my childhood on farms that belonged to family.
    x Sandi

  2. What an adorable foal!! We have had horses on our farm in the past but when we got into sailing we had to choose where to spend our time. We never had a baby, though, that would have been neat.

    Hugs, Teresa

  3. hi there!

    You leave such lovely comments on my blog and I'm really naughty cos although I do pop over and read yours, my computer is painfully slow and I don't leave comments.

    So here I am!
    And well rewarded with the new banner and those GORGEOUS foal photos- oh I feel quite broody...just a good job I've got Bruce and not Brucette!!


  4. Alice and RaymondApril 27, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    what a gorgeous post! there really is nothing like baby animals, they make anyone go "awwww"... those kittens are TINY!!!!!! Aaaaahhh!!!! I love the last photo of them and the one lying on his back is so cute.... maybe we need another cat, I'll ask Raymond! heh he!

    Have a lovely week XXXXX

  5. Love the new banner pic! Horses are such beautiful animals..and those babys are just too cute!