Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We are fast approaching the season change.  Bulbs are starting pop up in yards.  I'm seeing green patches in the grass.  The leaves are budding on trees....and......the geese are pooping all over the driveway again.  This used to bother me.  Hose off the drive...check your shoes before entering the house.....hose off the shoes....warn guest to check shoes...clean the poop out of the carpet......clean the poop out of the floor board of the car.....

That all changed last spring.  You see, there was this male goose and he had an injured wing and couldn't fly.  I felt so bad for him because all the other geese would fly off and there he'd be, all by himself, by the pond.  It got to be a daily habit for us to check and make sure he was still there.  Then one day, he had a guest with him.  This guest would disappear, but always come back.  Evidently, she really liked our injured goose, because she stuck around and the next thing we know, there were five little downy geese hanging out at the pond with them. They hung around until the babies were big enough to fly and evidently that was enough time for our injured goose to heal because one day, the whole family was gone.

Every time I'm feeling a little down, I think about that goose.  At first glance, he was an injured bird, all alone in the world.  But he really wasn't. He had a full life that we weren't even aware of. So many of us are like that.  There is so much more than what's on the surface, you just have to get past the poop.


  1. Love your post today. I love Canada geese - I lived on a houseboat in the Columbia River for 5 years and and they were my companions there. And I know all about the goose doo. They'd leave it all over the new deck I had built. Silly goose. LOL

    Hugs, Teresa