Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's Pay It Forward or Good Old Fashioned "Show and Tell"

It's so hard for me to believe that February is already here!  It seems we spend so much time rushing the week, wanting the week-end to "Hurry Up and Get Here" and then wonder where the week went.  I guess it's just one of those crazy paradoxes of life.

So it's time to introduce everyone to a "new" blog.  I've probably spent way too much time browsing the blog world and I've come across some really great ones. I think, at the rate I'm going, my list is so long that I might start doing two a month. I do have one question for you.  I've noticed that there are a lot of blogs where people used to post regularly, but aren't anymore.  They have some really neat information contained in them, even if they aren't currently active and some of them have amazing "eye candy." Are you interested in seeing those as well?  I could possibly make those a mid-month "Show-and-Tell."  I would love to hear back from you on this one.

Drum roll please.......

Elaine Thronton's Cosmic Earth Beads
This blog comes to us from Elaine Thornton and is ChatElaine Jewellry.  I don't know Elaine, but we share a love for lamp work beads. It's been a few years since I've made any, but it is a beautiful craft to be involved in and this lady makes some really beautiful beads.  That is some her handy work over there.  Love the swirls!  She also makes some really cute ghosts, angels and Christmas tress. Pop over and take a gander. And if you have a little money to spend, she has an Etsy store too! She also is participating in the "One World One Heart" Blog event.  

The "One World One Heart" Blog event is kind of like a blog world open house.  I just found out about it and am a little disappointed that I didn't know about it sooner because over 1000 bloggers participate from around the world. If a blog is participating in the event, they will be displaying this lovely little badge somewhere on their blog.

"Joyride and The Muse" by Lisa Swifka
This leads me to that other blog that I want to share with you and it belongs to Lisa Swifka at A Whimsical Bohemian.  She is the host of the "One World One Heart" event and also an amazing artist in her own right.  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what she is trying to accomplish so I greatly encourage that you pop over to her blog and read about this wonderful event she is hosting. She created this lovely little character to the left, (Joyride is the bird and Muse is the rider) and Lisa is giving them away as a door prize.  Aren't they absolutely quirky and adorable!  Also, before I forget, click HERE and this will take you to a list of blogs that are participating in the "One World One Heart" event. 

I hope you enjoy nosing around with these two beautiful, talented ladies.  Be prepared to sit for a while and be mesmerized. I'll be back to my regular posts soon with the normal wrestling updates and a ta-da moment for the baby blanket.  Have a joyful day!!!


  1. thankyou so much for (all) your lovely comments, apologies for not leaving many in return- I do love reading your blog but always seem to be in a rush.
    I hope all is well with you and yours,
    kindest wishes xx

  2. Very talented ladies, along with yourself :)
    x Sandi

  3. Wow, I'm definitely going to have to go and have a look at the one word one heart thing! I love joyride and the muse!
    Thank you for sharing these with us, and you are free to spend as much time looking at blogs as you like!!!!!
    p.s thank you for the vote of confidence re the classes! Self doubt is a big thing I have to deal with and teaching classes is such a challenge! but one I am ready for!!!!!

  4. I have a bunch of blogs bookmarked that don't post anymore, but had such good pictures and information.