Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wild Night!

Good Morning All!  As you can see, there are no pictures or posts from last night.  I got off work, picked up The Boys from wrestling practice, got home, fixed dinner, took Number One Son back to school for the soccer game, took pictures of my surprise Ta Da....and had to give up the computer before I even downloaded the pictures.  Number Two Son needed the computer for homework and then the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch - which means that conditions were ripe for a humdinger of a storm and the possibility of a tornado. So I got hang out in the basement and work on Christmas gifts. Thankfully my neighbors were at the soccer game and brought Number One Son home safely....I love my neighbors, they're the best!

So you'd think we had a quiet night, right?  WRONG!  At 3:30 am, we were woken out of a deep sleep because the Weather Alarm Radio started squawking loud enough to wake the dead (that's me when I'm asleep) to lets us know that the National Weather Service had issued a Tornado Warning.  This means that either a Tornado or a Funnel Cloud has been spotted in your general vicinity and you need to take cover. So Car Guy was up for a bit while he kept an eye on things and let us sleep - Sweet man!  I must admit that, while I was rather irritated by being woken up like that, I do prefer the alert and getting my family to safety, if needed, than waking up and having the roof torn off the house.  Tornadoes are scary business because they come out of no where and come fast. This picture was taken by our friend Martin back in April. That ugly storm caused a lot of damage, but fortunately, not for us.  We've been very lucky.

I didn't realize that at my age I wouldn't be getting up at all hours of the night like that. Now, I get to be a total zombie at work....but I'm sure I won't be the only one. Tonight I have the monthly Girl's Night get together and then I'll try again.  Who knows, there might be some extra pictures of some of my favorite ladies!  I'm learning how to use the camera and I think my pictures are getting better...I know, the proof is in the pudding.  I promise to show you!  No really, I will....


  1. I don't think I would have been able to go back to sleep, after a wake up like that.

  2. Too scary for me, we had a really bad hail storm here in winter, it broke a couple of windows and bought a powerline down, but we got out of it easily, so many people had their roofs damaged and windows and cars, so many cars had to be replaced because of the golf ball and bigger sized hail. It looked like some one had got to their cars with a hammer and belted the heck out of it. I was out driving in it, but I was being looked after, not one dint on my car, can you believe that.
    Hope you got through the day and didn't fall asleep!
    Hugs Sandi x

  3. I managed to get through yesterday. I did have a hard time getting back to sleep that night after the weather alarm and when I woke up, I felt like I hadn't slept at all. We were very fortunate and had no damage. According to the news, there were actual tornado sightings in the surrounding area. It can get rather scary, but I've lived here my whole life and I guess, in my own weird way, I'm used to it. It doesn't happen too often, thank goodness!