Thursday, May 13, 2010

Car Guy

I married a car guy.  I like cars, don't get me wrong.  There are some I even love, like the E-Type Jaguar (Simply the most beautiful car EVER made).  But it's different with a car guy.  They don't like cars.  They don't love cars.  They are obsessive about cars.  My husband can go to a car show and tell you the make and model of every car there...from the ones we all recognize, like a 1965 Mustang to the Lamborghini Gallarado LP 550-2 Vallentino Balboni (yes, I had to look that up).  I know that the first car is an American Classic.  Honestly, who doesn't.  I know that the second is an Italian Super Car.  It costs an insane amount of money and goes REALLY fast and my husband would say that it is a very sexy car.  I personally don't think that it is as sexy as the E-Type, but as with all forms of art, taste is subjective.  And one thing I have learned over the last 20 years with my husband is that a beautiful car is most definitely a piece of art.  Anyone who appreciates beauty can appreciate the beautiful lines on a car, the shapes, curves, planes, etc.

His latest obsession is a recently purchased 1972 Porsche 914.  This little car gets looks where ever it goes.  Being that I'm not a "car guy"  I can't tell you how many were manufactured (not made), how rare they are, what a fully restored one would bring at auction.  I have no clue.  I do know this.  That car is fun.  Not drive like a super car fun, just fun.  If you've never seen one, I'll try to post my first picture (this should be fun).

(Woohoo!  Success !)
It's a convertible and let's face it, the car is 38 years old, so she needs a little cosmetic surgery.  A face lift, if you will.  She was originally a dark green, but someone in her past decided she needed to be red.  She wants to be dark green again.  And then there is the crack in the front windshield.  That needs to be fixed too.  She's temperamental too.  She doesn't like cold, early mornings.  It takes her a while to warm up and get going.  If you're not careful, she might randomly pop out of fourth gear for no apparent reason.  And the vinyl.  Ugh. Hot, melting hot when the top is out.  And, according to my husband, the valves need adjustment about every 3000 miles....Okay.....if  you say so Honey.  But look at her....she's unique and fun.

My husband likes to compare me to the car.  He'd NEVER say that I need a face lift. He has more sense than that, but I don't like mornings.  It takes me a while to get warmed up and moving.  I can be temperamental too.  I might randomly pop out of gear for no apparent reason.  Especially if I haven't had enough coffee. I don't have valves that need adjusting, however a good glass of wine does wonders for my temperament. I've thought about this a lot and honestly, for a car guy to compare me to his latest obsession is really quite flattering.  I'm unique and fun and after 20 years, he still thinks I'm beautiful....a classic....I am one lucky woman.  I think I'll keep them both.

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