Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Have we talked about my younger son lately? He goes about his life in a rather unassuming way. Because of this, people miss so much.

The kid is crazy day he said that peanut butter and jelly was a better love story than Twilight. Ha!  He can be a bit of a smart ass. Sorry for those who are bit sensitive about the language, but there is no better way...he is my child after all.

But the thing that amazes and awes me about this child is his quiet talent. You've already heard him...I live with that. He wonders around the house singing all the time. I'm going to miss it when he leaves for school, because I've realized that I take it for granted.

The other thing he can do is draw. He's always done it...scribbling on whatever he can get his hands on...always doodling.

Boy have those doddles gotten better...

He does this stuff, brings home an "A" in art class, but doesn't bring home the work. What?!? See, quiet talent. It's one of the many things I love about him. He's very talented. He accepts this. He doesn't brag about it and does not have any false modesty about it. In his words, "It is what it is, Mom." In my not so humble opinion, it's amazing


  1. He is, indeed very talented. My son used to sing us to sleep every night. A change from when we used to put HIM to bed. When he was 16 or so, he began sitting at the end of our bed with his guitar at night, talking and singing to and with us. Oh how I miss that now that he's livng in Japan. Enjoy these moments Mama. Store them up in your heart like a treasure. Because they are.

  2. I enjoyed getting to know your younger son. He seems like my son : singing all the time, very funny!, and people miss knowing him but now that he's at school I think he shines like a bright new penny!. Have fun with one being home :) I do think of you and keep sending you strength as you embark on your littles leaving the nest (but they do return!!!)

  3. I missed my older boy such a lot - still do - yes even those patronising pats on the head, when he began to tower over me! Your boy looks such a lot of fun - sending a hug xx

  4. You are so lucky to have such a funny, talented son.. and he's a doll, too! His drawings are amazing! That kitty one is great, he should make sure and keep doing his art. Enjoy him now and forever. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Boy is he talented! my very small son loves to sing (and draw on the walls!)

    enjoy every moment with him before he flies the nest! x

  6. He is VERY talented. Your post oozes with motherly love. Thank you for sharing this glimpse of your son.

  7. Just amazing art work! You've got yourself an artist for a son and quite a good one at that. I'd say he's a keeper! ;-) WOW! You should be very proud.

  8. OMG Melissa, what a wonderful and talented son you've been blessed to have. So much talent all rolled into one. I loved when I heard him sing, but to see his art really touches me. Does he have a goal in mind for a career?

  9. most definitely an amazing talent!!!