Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simple Prayers....

Well, it's happened.  At the age of 18, Number One Son finally got his drivers license. So this morning I watched as he and Number Two Son got into the deathtrap car and headed to school -  for what felt like the first time - as this mama watched, squeezing the life out of her tube of mascara.  I literally felt like a new mom putting her children on the school bus for kindergarten for the very first time....Will they get there OK?  Will they be safe? How long will it take them to get there.....Yikes! What am I going to do next year when he heads off to college?  I'm not ready! What happened to my sweet cherubic red headed angel? Who is the 6'2" stranger air kissing my cheek as he slides out the door with a barely intelligible "love you Mom" and a huge grin on his face that screams "FREEDOM!"  How do you get 10 lbs of waterproof mascara off your hands because you squeezed the tube so hard? *sigh*

So all I ask for today...and for the rest of his life...are for your simple prayers...good mojo, safe vibes, whatever you do...to be sent to this boy and his brother for their safety.  And happiness.  And success.  And love......

Thank you for putting up with this mama's fraught nerves.


  1. Oh, what a milestone! My oldest will be able to drive with an adult this fall...I can't believe it. I'm so nervous! Sending prayers and positive thoughts!

  2. He will be fine, you have bought him up with a good level head on his shoulders. All three of my kids have their licences (I taught them all) so I understand how you feel. I put a white light around them to keep them safe.
    xx Sandi

  3. Oh boy.. buckle up.. it's going to be a bumpy ride. All 3 of my kids made it through, but all 3 of them had fender benders. I sure hope your boy is a better driver than mine! It is scary too when they actually go to college and live away from you. Parenthood - not for wimps.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. isn't it funny how he has no idea what you're going through? just as we never understood what our own parents were going through when we grew up?
    he'll be just fine... :)