Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding Peace

There are so many things going on in my life that have left me very pensive. Things that are not mine to discuss but have had an impact on my life. Things that make me want to find me, find purpose again and find peace. None of which is going to be easy.

You've heard me make reference before to being a "hippy chick."  I used to eat healthy food, get plenty of sleep and live quite simply.  Somewhere along the way, I've lost that.  I got caught up in life and "things"....Things I don't need, but have convinced myself I want, which somehow translated itself into need. So things are going to change around here.  I'm going to find that inner hippy chick and reacquaint myself with her.  I'm going to find strength in what I know is good.  I'm going to trust my heart and listening to it more carefully. And I'm going to find the woman I was supposed to be.  No more drama.  No more stress. Pleasure in the simple thing. A lot more laughter and friends because lets face it, life is too short to put up with a lot of crap.

Hope your week is wonderful and YOU find pleasure in the simple things.


  1. Oh boy.. you gave me a reality check. When I was a young hippie chick I remember thinking that money and stuff was unnecessary -- oh boy, I have gone off that track royally. I'll try to find my inner HC too.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. It is the simple things in life that make us happy. When stress hits we tend to forget that. You are my favorite hippie chick!!

  2. We get so caught up in being a wife and mother and best friend, daughter etc. that we do tend to lose ourselves. I am finding a lot of blog friends are feeling this way and re-evaluating life. Good on you Melissa, I am behind you all the way to reconnect with your inner Hippy Chic.
    xx Sandi