Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sock the Madness!

Hey there!  Did everyone have a wonderful weekend?  We were able to enjoy a lovely quiet long one, much to Car Guy's consternation.  He's in constant go gear so relaxing at home isn't high on his priority list. But it really was a wonderful weekend. 

On Monday, Mel came over and we worked on my sock.  Doesn't it look impressive?  It now has a heel flap and the start of the heel....I wrote down the instructions for the heel before Mel left. I was a polite host, walked her out to her car and explained how to get out of my crazy neighborhood.  I went back into the house, spoke briefly with Car Guy and The Boys about dinner, puttered around in the kitchen for a few minutes and went back to work on the heel of my sock.  I really wanted to get the it done so that the next time I met up with Mel, we'd be able to pick up stitches and start the foot. Well....that's not going to happen. 
 I don't know if you can see it because the picture is kind of really blurry and I really couldn't get a good one that close up, but something went wrong and I'm not sure what.  In the time that I walked Mel out and puttered around, the stitches decided to do a little boogalou on the needles and a few jumps for good measure and got all discombobulated.  I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrated I was/am.  I thought about tinking it, but I just don't have enough experience to do that at this particular point in the sock.  I'd probably make it worse and end up having to start all over again. Yikes!  I really don't want to do THAT!

But don't worry! I am not one to be defeated.  I decided since my circular needles were "tied up" I'd try something new....Yes, I do believe I'm a glutton for frustration and I started another sock on DPNs.....are you ready? There it is! This took several aborted attempts, but finally, after watching a video on YouTube, I got the hang of it. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get the heel on this one done so that I can fix the other sock and learn how to pick up stitches for the foot next I meet with Mel.  Bless her heart, she didn't know what she'd signed up for when she agreed to teach me how to knit socks. After this is all said and done, I wonder if she'll even speak to me?

Anyway, that's the update on the sock madness. I'm just slowly but surely plugging along.  Please note that the emphasis is on slowly.  I hope to have something a little more impressive to show you all next time.  Have a wonderful week!!!


  1. Ohhh... I can so relate.. my sister insisted I knit a pair of socks and I had so much frustration and angst over the whole process at times I thought I might choke her. LOL I did finish them, but can't wear them as my feet are sensitive and it feels like I'm walking on tiny pebbles.. a whole sock of pebbles! Hope this works out for you.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Crochet with RaymondJune 2, 2011 at 1:51 AM

    you are doing soooooooooooooooo wonderfully! and I lurve the yarn you are using, so close you are, to getting it down!

  3. Now I am a knitter, have knitted for most of my teen/adult life and I still haven't attempted to knit socks, so pat yourself on the back, you are going great. The more you knit the more comfortable you become and can work out how to fix 'mistakes' DPN's are hard for the first couple of rounds, I think it gets easier (I haven't pushed myself in that area) I am crocheting a grannie stripe blanket after must procrastinating. We are both on a creative journey.
    xx Sandi