Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving Forward!

I hope everyone is doing well on this lovely Monday.  It's funny, a co-worker said something about wondering if we started the work week on Tuesdays, would it make Mondays more bearable.  I said that it would make Mondays better, but we just start dreading Tuesdays.  I guess the old saying is true, it's just a case of mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had a lovely one.  We went over to Sue's house Friday night, sat out on the back porch and enjoyed the beautiful evening, wonderful friends and a lovely bottle of wine. It was so relaxing.  On Saturday, we stayed close to home, because I was bound and determined to get something done......TaDa!
As you can see, my sock now has a heel!  I can't tell you how happy  I am!  I followed a friend's advice (Hi Alice!) and went to a quiet room, all by myself and figured it out and there you have it.  It's really quite easy when you don't have distractions.  I know that it helped that Mel walked me through the process on the first sock.  It's not her fault that I messed it up :)

I then decided that since I was able to figure this out, I should be able to do something else.......

I tinked the other sock back to the point were the flap started, redid the flap and viola! Another heel! How cool is that?! Now when I meet with my Yarn Girls tomorrow night, I'll have some progress to show and hopefully, I'll be able to finish my socks.  Then I'll get to start on the mate for each pair. There's not much that feels better than a sense of accomplishment.

Socks weren't the only thing happening this weekend.  There was a sidewalk art festival on Sunday called the Parisian Promenade.  It was held at the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden and it was gorgeous.
The artist were underneath the canopies selling their works.
A band was playing music in the bandstand.  Some people were dancing in the lawn.
My three men enjoying the sights and sounds.  My Boys are now taller than Car Guy!
The parl has a lot of really neat sculptures...
and some beautiful natural areas.
It wouldn't be complete without a gurgling creek.
Here's a lovely lady enjoying the park :)
There was a good size crowd enjoying the day.

After spending the better part of the day at the park enjoying a warm day, we went to dinner and then went home where we all relaxed and cooled off. It was a wonderful day that makes me appreciate cold lemonade.  

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend and got to spend it with the ones you wanted to.  Also, I wanted to say thanks again for all the encouragement with my socks.  As you can tell, it's kept me motivated!


  1. Wow, looks like you had a great time this weekend - and congrats on getting the sock thing! I know I had a big sense of accomplishment when I finished my pair, too.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow, good job on the socks, I think I will make some for my dad!!! Nice weekend, especially the dinner out....ah bliss. Kids have a habit of being taller than the parents now. My kids tower over me, BUT i'm still taller than my kittie.
    x Sandi

  3. Crochet with RaymondJune 7, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    Well done! YAY! i saw the heel and went *YAY!* how clever are you!!!
    Have an awesome week! XXX