Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show and Tell Time!!

Andrea's Paper Pine Cone
In case some of you haven't figured out, I LOVE to laugh.  I think laughter is one of the most WONDERFUL activities in the world.  And a good, almost pee yourself, can't get enough air, tears streaming down your face laugh is the BEST. And every once in a while I find someone who does this for me.  Car Guy is one of those people.  He comes up with stuff that cracks me up and I never know when he's going to roll out these little gems of his.

Well, for March's Pay it Forward, I wanted to share someone else who makes me laugh like this and I don't have to cook for her, clean her house, help with the mortgage payment or sleep with her for that matter....sorry, TMI.  Her name is Andrea and she is The Creative Junkie.  A friend suggested her blog to me and anytime I need a good laugh, I go visit.  I've never personally met Andrea, but her snarky, sarcastic, biting humor is wonderful.  Fair warning, in her own words, she's "prone to letting an expletive or two fly." so if you are the least bit sensitive to four letter words, don't go visit. As I'm not easily offended (because I live with a bunch of guys) I didn't notice until I read a section out loud...oops! Her blog is not a craft blog, despite the name - although she did blog about the beautiful Pine Cone that she made (pictured above). She hits just about every topic in the world and is just as random as I am. She even shared her great wisdom with  What's She's Learned About Facebook. That Facebook post was the first one of her's that I ever read, and I literally did just about pee myself.

So go check her out, say hi and have a good laugh because we all need a good laugh!


  1. She certainly is funny, I had a chuckle. She is a gifted story teller. x Sandi

  2. How funny are you!! I can't believe you knit left handed, even I knit right handed! (Thank GOD because it is so complicated that I need to follow the instructions perfectly!!!)
    How is your jumper coming along? Can't wait to see it modelled!
    I'll pop over to check out that blog because I love funny things too and am not in the last bit offended my an expletive or two!!!
    Have a looooooooooooooooverley week Lovely Lady!