Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fabulous Frankie

Isn't that one of the sweetest pictures?  That's my Sainted Mother and her man Frank.  They are possibly two of my most favorite people in the world.  I've already mentioned (on several occasions) how wonderful my mom is, so it only stands to reason that she have a wonderful man.  This is their profile picture on facebook.  Mom has her half as her picture and Frank has his half as his.  Too cute!

Yesterday was my Sainted Mother's birthday.  I won't tell her age...that's just not done.  Besides, even if I did, you wouldn't believe me.  Let's just say it was a big one, so the Fabulous Frankie, my step daddy, went behind her back, contacted all of her closest and dear friends, and threw a surprise party for her.  And boy was she surprised!  He did such a wonderful job. Got the cake, picked out the menu for a sit down meal, picked out the wine...all of it.  Amazing!

My Mom and Dad were divorced a long time ago.  Like most kids, I was upset by the whole process, but I was old enough to recognize that their marriage wasn't healthy. I was asked once if I still wished that my parents were together and I said yes and no.  Yes because most children of divorced parents wished that their family was what it once was and no because I would really hate to have missed out on knowing this wonderful man who has made my mom so incredibly happy.

Look at that picture again.  Look at her smile....'Nuff said.  That's why he's fabulous.


  1. Dear Melissa, what a sweet story. My mom left my dad when I was 12 and it was crushing.. we went away for the weekend and never went home.. she put us into a new school just an hour after informing us she was divorcing our dad. I was shell-shocked that day. I'm glad your mom is happy.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. Ahh you are a very wise girl, my children say the same. I am lucky tho' my ex and I are good friends and his partner has become a good friend too.
    Your mum looks very happy, bless her. I always wished my mum and dad had divorced and been able to find a partner that they were happy with. They are still together to this day and my mum has mellowed over the years and they get along now. Sad really!!
    x Sandi
    Hope you are feeling 100% wonderful