Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Remember this?
It Dahlia.  That center piece took three tries before I finally got it done.  
It also had these....
They made me very nervous because I had to pull that green yarn out for sleeves.
I started last night....insert heart palpitations here.
My dear friend Mel was a great help.
She was the voice of calm and reason and great advice.  
Pick up the stitches BEFORE you pull out the waste yarn.
Now it's more stockinette....round and round we go...two sleeves to go, then completion. 

I've kind of put a knitting/crochet embargo on myself - no new projects - so that maybe I'll finish this thing instead of getting frustrated with the whole process and putting it in a time out. I hope to finish soon cause Christmas is just around the corner and I REALLY need to get started. Yes, I'm sorry I said the "C word."  I'll go back to my knitting in circles...and dreaming of completed sweaters that take forever to knit. And drooling over all the beautiful finished products out there. Jared I love thee...sigh.


  1. no new projects???? I need to move near you so I can change that embargo ;) Just kidding. I don't know if I have the resolve to do that.

  2. and forgot to say your dahlia is gorgeous!!!!

  3. Melissa, it's stunning and now I want to knit one too!
    I have been Christmas knitting since January, it will be here in a blink and I don't want to be caught off guard.

  4. every time you post a photo, i'm so so so tempted to cast on. this is one my forever wish list...and yours really is looking mighty fine!!! you go, girl!

  5. I'm starting my last and 6th crocheted teddy bear in shocking pink! Can't wait to get it done! Your knitting is inspirational!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Beautiful. I think it would terrify me to take out that green yarn.

  7. Wow!! It's really turning out nice! Looks like some pretty tedious work though. Something I might have to do late a night with no interruptions. It's gorgeous and thanks for the heads up on the whole Christmas thing!! I hadn't even thought about that. I better get started on that as well. It does tend to creep up on us. I hate last minute pressure gift knitting. ;-)