Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MAJOR Frustration...Also Known as XBox Live Customer Support SUCKS!!!

I am going to warn you now, I am getting ready to go on a MAJOR rant and it may not be pretty, so I appreciate your patience.

Number Two Son has an XBox Live account.  This account allows him to play games online with his friends. We pay an annual fee for this service and while it's not crazy expensive, it ain't cheap either.  Because he is a minor, I am the "co-signor" on this account.  Whenever there are changes to Term and Services, I have to agree to them. I log into this account about once in a blue moon, so it's not surprising that I forgot my pass word.  No biggie, or so I thought.  WRONG.  The email address associated with that account is an email account I know longer have because we changed  ISP. So if I try to reset the password they send the request to the old email address.  Being the logical person that I am, I decided that I would call tech support to rectify the situation.  BIG MISTAKE.  I explained the situation to tech support and they sent me an email to reset the password and it says it will send the email to reset my password to....the old account.  I have had this conversation with tech support no less than 5, that's right I said FIVE, times. and they still don't get it.  I have spent well over four hours of my time on the phone repeating myself to no avail.  I have a folder full of emails, each of them totally useless.  I have three trouble tickets, none of which have been resolved, but two have been closed out.  I have been sent emails that I was told to reply to and have gotten the response back that this is a "non monitored alias" and that no one will respond....Really?  That was probably the most honest answer I've had through this process that has lasted over a month and a half.

Tonight, as I sit here waiting for a return call, yet again, I have reached the point that the people at XBox Live are going to detest my name. It's the principle of the matter now.  It might of been just $60.00, but the frustration that has ensued has far surpassed that....

Oh yeah, now the brilliant people sent me a customer service survey...."How'd we do?" Do you really want to know?  Yeah, I didn't think so, but I'll spend a little more time on it just so so they really know how I feel.

Update: The call was returned and their "computer system" hung up on me before I spoke to a person.  Then I received another call and as I explained the situation again (without yelling or cursing, I might add) the customer support representative hung up on me.  I went to bed.  The saga will continue tonight. I know you get more bees with honey, but I'm feeling full of vinegar right now.


  1. I just don't get it, if we treated our customers that way we wouldn't have them anymore, yet the big companies often just don't seem to care. I am never a fan of customer service; yeap, most often it's just a waste of time. I hope you were able to make some kind of headway.

  2. grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! that's frustrating and we've all been treated that way, unfortunately. it makes me so upset that i usually have my hubby make those kind of calls, he can deal with it better than me. sorry the situation hasn't been fixed yet. make sure you have a nice hot cup of something you love to drink next time you have to talk with them and enjoy it thinking "don't they wish they had one of these right now?!"

  3. EEESH! I'd be spitting mad too... sorry, and hope you get it resolved!

    PS... I answered on my blog too, but the yarn I'm scared of is MadelineTosh DK. I'm so afraid to start because I don't want to mess up!

  4. ggrrrrrrr. and why is it that when on the few occasions we get real customer service from "customer SERVICE', we're surprised???!!!

  5. Yikes, so very frustrating. Hope it gets resolved soon.

  6. Ewww.. I hate customer service calls. Can you cancel that account and open a new one? Hope the next call goes better. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)