Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving Forward

Thank you friends, for letting me get all that negative energy out!  I feel sooo much better. Sorry to have burdened you.

From all the craziness, I did get this wonderful picture of the older kids all cleaned up.
Aren't they a good looking group? The two boys on either side of the girl are mine.  Number One Son it the red head in the bow tie. Number Two Son is the blond. The other three are my niece and nephews.  Not only are they a really attractive group, they are incredibly smart and kind hearted. They make me so proud! This picture is just missing the four little ones, but they will be home for Christmas.  I am looking forward to some quality family time.


  1. What a good looking bunch of young people! You must be proud. I'm glad you're feeling better.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Yes a very good looking group indeed. Your family are people that you can certainly be very proud of, taking the high road is something that I continue telling my kids. Hope you have a very jolly Christmas as you well deserve some lighter times.
    xx Sandi