Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Cold.....

Christmas is the time of caring and sharing and Car Guy did just that.  He "shared" his cold with me.  I told him that this was NOT the gift I wanted and to take it back, but he told me there was no return policy...Smarty rather than whine and moan, I thought I'd share some really sweet pictures.....
Sleeping niece
Awake niece....who is this crazy lady?
Number One Son keeping someone occupied while the rest of us eat.
Number Two Son playing with his cousins so the adults could chat after dinner.
If you couldn't tell, we went to the local cafeteria for dinner last night with Car Guy's family.  I was so proud of my boys for the way they entertained all the little cousins...not that it's hard cause they are so darn cute!

I'll be back when I'm over the sniffles and can string together a coherent thought. In case I don't make it back, I hope everyone has an amazing New Year!

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  1. It's Christmas, not the time for colds, that's not nice. Hope you get over this in quick smart time. You know you have done a great job when your teenage boys do things like that :)
    xx Sandi