Thursday, October 27, 2011

Epic Fail

So I've finally hit the knitting wall of failure.  It was bound to happen.  I've been chugging along beautifully, so it was about time that something should go wrong. And it's not really wrong.  My gauge was spot on.  I have a tendency to be very tight on my tension - which is great for socks, but not so much for other items. So,  I even went up a needle size. And it worked...sort of.

Let's start at the beginning. While I was at SAFF, I found a sale bin and in said sale bin was this really cute little kit for a really cute hat. AND it was on sale for dirt cheap, so I HAD to buy it, right? It also contained this really yummy hemp yarn that is soo soft. This is what I was supposed to get....

Like I said, really cute. Not exactly what I ended up with. Now let me preface all this by saying I have a huge jug (head) so I made the largest size on the pattern.  Surely by casting on 90 stitches and going up a needle size would be enough, don't you think?  Not. Please keep in mind that I haven't blocked it yet and I'm sure that will help some. But I don't think it will help enough....

 Soooo....yea, um, I think this qualifies as an epic fail.  That and the designer has a TINY head.  The sixty four thousand dollar question is should I block it and see if that helps? I mean how much give does hemp have? Block it and pass it off as a child's hat....or just frog the whole thing and start over.....hmmm.  Thoughts? Have you stopped laughing at my beanie? I know, all it's missing is the propeller.   Are you wiping away tears?  Really? I'm glad I could provide your entertainment for the day.

Finally, on a happier note, I am proud to present Piper Georgia...the latest additions to my wonderful family...
Mother, father and siblings are doing wonderful.  I can't wait until the holidays to get my hands on this little bundle.  Look out world, here she comes and she's already rocking animal prints!


  1. I got a huge kick out of your post today! I think you should find a family member that would love this hat, as it's gorgeous. Making hats is hard, as I've made several, and it's hard to get it just right.

    *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on the new baby.. what an absolute doll!! Can't wait to see her with some of your handmade clothes.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. that the same hat as the model?? Looks like there's a few inches missing. I have a couple of patterns that call for casting on 90 stitches. Yeah!....if your head is the size of a potato!! I always increase it to 108-115 stitches and increase needle size 2 or 3 times. Hope you try this again. Hats are fun to make, and quick...once you work out the designer's flaws! Love your blogs! Onward and upward!

  3. should see the hat that I've just done- 20 sizes too big width-ways and 20 sizes too small height-ways!
    looks like hats are gonna be a non-starter for us both!
    have a great weekend

  4. oh dear! 90 stitches is what I use for a 2-3 yesr old in DK weight! I always cast on 100 for an adult in 4mm needles and change my needle size to 4.5 after the ribbing band. Anyway, these are the things that make us knitters :OD Better a small hat than tiny socks argh! Give it to a child and buy yourself some gorgeous yarn to replace it :OD XXXXX

  5. Oh, clucky nanna here, she is so cute. No help with the hat, perhaps you could give it to the baby (hehe) You are so funny, love it.
    xx Sandi

  6. I've always had a problem with hats. It looks like that pattern is missing a few inches compared to the picture on top.