Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beach Days

Hello Everyone!  Hope all is well in blog land. I am feeling pretty good myself after a weekend at the beach with Car Guy.  The Boys remained home and stayed with a friend of ours (Thanks Sweetie!!)  Call me silly - I know Number One Son will be 18 next month (YIKES!!) and Number Two Son will be 16 in December (another YIKES!) but I just don't like the idea of leaving them home alone.  I'm not worried about what they would do because they are fully capable of taking care of themselves and they do appreciate the "wrath of Mom."  However, I can't speak for other teenage boys when they find out that some one's parents are out of town, so I just don't take the chance. It's OK, you can call me over protective but I prefer to be smart and aware than deal with the consequences later.

Several of you commented on the beautiful beach picture in my last post.  I wish I could take credit for it, but Number One Son took it.  He's got a good eye if I do say so myself.  I enjoy his photos and thought I'd share that one since I was headed to the beach. 

Oak Island Light House
Car Guy and I had a wonderful relaxing weekend at Oak Island.  We arrived late Friday night totally exhausted.  We had just enough energy to walk down to the beach and say "hello" - a tradition started in my childhood. We walked back to the house, fell into the bed and awoke Saturday to a beautiful sunny day.

South Port Marina

After breakfast, we drove over to South Port, a historical southern port town, and wandered through the antique stores and galleries.  South Port has changed so much since I was a child and is absolutely gorgeous.  Evidently, the antique stores attract a lot of attention from out of state.  Here is a conversation that Car Guy and I actually overheard:

Lady One:  "Did you make it to the Derby this year?"
Lady Two:  "No, we've been a few times, but we usually just go to the Breeder's Cup."

Well alrighty then.  I hope they spent a ton of money and didn't catch us giggling.

We had a quiet dinner out at a little pub and then went back to the house where I worked on my latest project. This is a picture of it as I worked on it in the car on the way home Sunday. I completed it at home Sunday night and am so totally in love with Malabrigo yarns now. Not only is it G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S., it is an absolute joy to work with - so soft and yummy.  I would love a blanket out of this, but would end up in the poor house if I tried to buy enough yarn to make it.  That's alright.  I have my own little bit of Malabrigo heaven and I'll show you once I get the pictures taken.

Here are some more pictures from our weekend. 

South Port Marina

Beautiful Beach Front Dream House.

Protective Dunes
Oak Island Pier
As much as I've enjoyed revisiting the weekend with you, I'm afraid that I must get back to the real world. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. There is nothing quite as nice as time at the beach. We're heading there for hubby's birthday in a week and a half and I am looking forward to it. What were you knitting? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Beautiful photos....of course I love the knitting porn shot! :)

  3. It's nice to have a weekend away without the kids. Yes, you are being smart to leave an adult to supervise.

  4. What a gorgeous place! And yes...I have had the same teenage boy issues..you did the right thing!