Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Return

Hello everyone!!!  I'm baaaaack!  I must say I've missed everyone, but I've enjoyed my time away.  We went to the beach and experienced a time warp.....let's do the time warp, yeah!  Sorry.  Little Rocky Horror moment there....the horror being my singing.  Anyway, we went to my grandparents' beach house.  Actually, I guess it would be my dad's now. It was so peaceful.  No phone, no TV, no Internet.  Just sun, wind, beach, food and yarn.  Absolutely wonderful.  Of course I took pictures to show you.  Are you ready to go back in time? Strap on your seat belt while I fire up the ol' flux capacitor......

Our first stop is the kitchen.  Please note the rotary dial phone and two slice toaster.  The toaster works, the phone does not.
Next stop...I spent many rainy summer days as a child looking out that window wishing the rain would stop.  Number One Son is wishing for a TV...or a computer....anything?
Now, on to the sofa. It looks better than it sits.  And don't you just love that groovy lamp!?
Please notice that we are keeping with a beachy theme with all the shells...Every last one was found on the beach by a family member over the years.
Ugly, yet comfy chair and another groovy lamp.  Please pay special attention to the afghan on the back of the chair made by my sweet grandmother...I spent a lot of time in this chair working on my on projects this trip.
And another ugly, comfy chair.  I'm loving the artwork.
I call this the parent bedroom.  When I was a child, my grandparents stayed in this room.  When we would go to the beach with my parents, they would stay in this room.  Keeping with that tradition, Car Guy and I stayed here as well.
I call this the children's room.  I stayed here as a child and I put The Boys in here this trip.
Please notice the kites in the corner and the pictures on the mirror (done by my cousin's daughters).  This is in keeping with this being the children's room.
This is my grandmother's rain slicker that she used to wear when she was fishing.  She's been gone for several years, but I can still see her and my granddaddy fishing on the beach. The little sign says "Old fisherman never die...they just smell bad."  I wish that were true.
Well, I hope you enjoyed your trip back in time.  I'm not sure what decade we went to....I guess late 50's or early 60's.  This trip was made possible by the lovely couple above who purchased the house before I was ever born and helped fill it with tons of  love and amazing memories.  I look forward to making more with my husband and children.


  1. Aww what a nostalgic journey i'v enjoyed sharing with you, may those happy memories always stay with you my lovely xx

  2. That beach house looks very much like the lake house my great uncle had. I spent a couple weeks there one summer. I tried to teach my cousins to crochet and they tried to teach me to knit.

    Thanks for the great memory.

  3. I just love that cabin! Haven't we all been in one just like that at one time! I just got back from camping and am catching up on things and deleting 443 emails. LOL

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Crochet with RaymondAugust 19, 2011 at 4:55 AM

    thats so sweet! LOVE the photo of those two loving each other, what a sweet thing to share!
    What an ace cabin, sounds like a very rejuvenating time being away from everything and so spesh that it is filled with so many memories!

  5. I so understand your post, my first husband's mum and dad built a holiday home at the beach and to this day it is mostly the same with the raincoat on the hook, uncomfortable couch, no tv, no internet etc. but sun, sand and water abound. Glad you're back safe and happy.
    x Sandi

  6. "fill it with tons of love and amazing memories"
    that sentence means more than anything doesn't it!

    Thanks for sharing