Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Show & Tell and A Little Humor

What the....May? What happened to April? And March for that matter? I REALLY miss how slowly time moved when I was a child. Now everything moves way too fast....Anyway.....It's time for May's Show and Tell.

Something you may or may not know about me is that I like to wear dresses, mostly in the spring and summer.  They are comfortable and usually pretty cool.  And evidently the lady I'm about to introduce you to likes them as well. Her name is Jessica.  Her blog is Green Apples and she sews....

 and sews....
 and sews....
and sews quite well.

I like to sew, I'm just not that good at it. But guess what?!  She also knits....

She does that well too.

I love going to visit Jessica's blog because first of all, I love clothes.  Secondly, everything looks so pretty.  Her details are great and her explanations are easy to understand.  I know the basics of sewing and when I read her blog, I totally understand what she's done. She also tells you all the great things like what fabric she used, what problems she ran into with the pattern and suggestions to make your attempt a little easier. I think she also appeals to the practical side of me in that she makes all this stuff (she's quite prolific) and wears it. She even chronicled a whole trip with the clothes she wore and whether she bought or made them. Everything looks so good on her too.

Stop on by and check her out. She's inspiring me to take the cover off the old Singer...maybe.  This could be dangerous.

Legal Jargon - Disclaimer - the pictures above are from Jessica's Blog.  They are solely her work, her photography and her property.  I am not claiming them as my own in any way, shape or form cause I ain't no thief.  Also, Jessica doesn't know me from Adam's house cat so this is not a paid endorsement.  Does that take care of all the legal stuff? Thank you for your time!

Now for the humor.  I noticed the other day that I had a HUGE spike in my hits.  I couldn't imagine why they literally tripled.  Well, when you title you blog post Happy Hookers, I'm guessing it broadens your appeal to a whole new audience. Hmmmm....I wonder how many disappointed people were out there?  "This is about CROCHET?!?!" I'm guessing this was NOT what they were expecting. Especially since this hooker was making clothing and not taking it off  : )


  1. LOL! you are a HAPPY HOOKER!

  2. Ohhhh.. I had to read your humor post to hubby and we both laughed and laughed! How funny! That's ONE way to get more traffic on your blog. LOLOL... hugs, Teresa

  3. I did get a snicker out of it, then thought "get your head out of the gutter!" lol
    I wish I would sew more too. Especially since my MIL gave me her old (not even 2 yrs) sewing machine. SO many buttons and things it can do I'll never figure it all out. I'd love to see what your first project you start simple after so long?? or GO BIG!?!?
    The dresses are lovely...thats a lot coming from a gal who hasn't wore one long can't remember.:) Happy Mothers Day if we don't talk!

  4. That is so funny, ah Happy Hookers, hehe. I almost feel sorry for them, what a let down.
    xx Sandi