Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comfort Food

Have you ever had a bad day and you know that a certain meal will make you feel better? Well, I'm having one of those days.  It started with a stupid mistake on my part that almost crashed a system at work...oops!  Not good! Fortunately for me, the powers that be were really nice.  They didn't blow up, didn't chew me out and better still, they didn't fire me...not that I think they would, but it could happen. Then there is the whole Christmas gift fiasco.  I order a REALLY nice gift for someone and it cost quite a bit of money.  I'm not saying what or for whom just in case they might pop in and visit and spoil the surprise. Anyway, I know that the shipping address was spot on.  I double triple checked it when I ordered the item.  FedEx (and here I am naming names) delivered it to the wrong address and I have no clue where.  Their Proof of Delivery system doesn't provide the actual address that the package was delivered to.  So I called FedEx.

Melissa's call log:

"Thank you for calling FedEx, this is Michelle, how can I help you?" (Way too chipper)
"Hi Michelle,  This is Melissa and my package was delivered to the wrong address."
"What's that tracking number please?"
"Yes ma'am.  That package was delivered this morning." (All smiley voice.)
*BIG sigh* "Yes, I know, but it wasn't delivered to the address on the package"
"It was signed for by a T. XXXXXX."
Another *BIG sigh* "Yes ma'am, I know that.  However, I work in an office of 35 people and T. XXXXX doesn't work here and the package was not delivered here."
Long pause "Oh.  What was that tracking number again?"
Thump - that was my head hitting my desk. "XXXXXX."
"What did the package contain?"
"A fkjshdfskjdfh."
"Oh dear, umm. Can I get your last name please?"
"A phone number I can reach you at."
"Where was the package being shipped to?"
ARGH!!!! politely said "8203-L XXXXXXXXX, Greensboro, NC 27XXX"
"And where was the package delivered?"
REALLY?!?! "Michelle, please don't take this the wrong way when I say this, but if I knew that I would have gotten in my car and picked it up myself and we would never be having this conversation."
"Oh, right. Sorry.  Your case number is 1XXXXXX. I've put a tracer on the package and someone will be calling you about this shortly."
"Thank you Michelle."
"Thank you Ms. Johnson. Have a wonderful afternoon."

The sound you now hear is my head repeatedly being beaten against a brick wall.  The scabs will look really great in the Christmas pictures.

Now what does comfort food have to do with all this you ask?  Well after a morning like this, I promptly went out and bought this.....

Photo courtesy of Bojangles website.
That's right.  Bojangles Chicken Supreme Meal .  Fried Chicken, Seasoned Fries, a big ol' fluffy biscuit (I buy them since I can't make them) and a giant Dr. Pepper....Comfort food.  My hips and thighs are eternally grateful.  They weren't jiggling enough...WRONG.   So the system is up and running beautifully and T. XXXXXX still has my package.  But guess what?  I feel better....and ready for a nap. Maybe when I wake up, everything will be fixed.  What do you think?

3:03 - Package update.  Package was shipped next door and is now safely in my grubby little paws.  Yea!  *Big Sigh*


  1. Oh my, I hope they straighten out that package mishap. You were nicer than I would have been.

    Mmmm, that chicken looks so good.

  2. Yay to the package turning up, funny it was next door tho'. VERY annoying all the same, do you get the feeling sometimes people on the other end of the phone really don't give a toss???
    xx Sandi

  3. WHat a pain! it's so scary posting off lovely expensive gifts.....
    I am so glad that it all worked out ok and that comfort food fixed the problem!!!!!

  4. Oooooh, lady, I know all about the pain of dealing with a misrouted package through Fedex. Fortunately, they're pretty good in that it seldom happens, but when it does... ugh. The only thing worse than having to call Fedex and actually SPEAK to someone, is having to call an airline and have to actually SPEAK to someone. Hope your package turns up!!!!

  5. Hi Melissa! Glad your package came! Whew! I love your leg lamp! We have a tiny ornament on our tree that sticks onto a mini light and illuminates the leg! Our little family was one of the few that saw this movie in the theater when it first came out.. at Christmas... we howled with laughter and were the only people in the little neighborhood theater! Great memories. :-)

    *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family, have a wonderful day in celebration. xx Sandi