Friday, August 20, 2010

OH MY! So pretty.

I've been feeling a little blah lately.  Don't know why.  Could be hormone swings coupled with the rain, but I think I'm coming out of it.  All because of exploring the internet and blogs.

It started in Ravelry.  I was looking at the new patterns and came across one for a Granny Mandala.  The picture made me smile.  All the bright colors.  I LOVE color.  This pattern led me to the Granny Mandala's blog - which, of course, I had to nose through.  I don't know where Alice lives (I haven't had a chance to nose that deeply)  but she has beautiful pictures of flowers, places and crocheted item.  My happiness quota was increased.  In her blog, she suggested that her viewer/reader go to flicker and look at the photos by Elizabeth Cat.  OH MY! One visit here and my happiness quota went through the roof!  So pretty!  More bright happy colors. More beautiful pictures of flowers. And all of this was so artfully arranged. These pictures led me to Elizabeth's blog, which led me to patterns, ideas, INSPIRATION!

These two blogs led me to so many more that I realize I have a great deal of nosing around to do.  I'm so excited.  There are so many amazing creative people in this world. And they are so open and sharing. I'm so glad.

One question all creative people own cats?  I've seen more pictures of content, pleased, superior cats on this exploration.  And before you ask - Yes, two fat ones.  Smokey and Oreo.  Here's Oreo...

I'll have to search up a good one of Smokey later.

But I digress.  All this surfing led to something...Yea!  Suddenly, I'm not so blah.  Suddenly I want to create.  I want to run to the yarn store and blow a third of my paycheck there....then the craft store and blow a third of my paycheck there...and then the fabric store to finish it all off.  Car Guy (the hubby) doesn't need to eat.  And those pesky adolescent boys that call me Mom can go somewhere else to eat since they ate all the food in our house. Then I can go to the cool basement and create stuff while I watch girly shows and movies on TV. Such a happy place....

Sigh...Oh well....It was a nice dream while it lasted.  Time to get back to work...


  1. Oh yes, ravely is a highly addictive thing isn't it!
    And Elizabeth Cat's crochet is just divine, I was amazed when I discovered her photostream...
    beware, the blogosphere never ends! it is infinite!

  2. Ravelry is one of my greatest/worst distractions. So dangerous. I'm finding that after Ravelry, the blogosphere is where I spend/waste the rest of my time when I should be productive. But I do so enjoy it!

    Elizabeth Cat's photostream is where I want to be. I just want to crawl into those photos. It's like a new happy place for me.